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This is for random chatter, since we're a small community at the moment and we probably don't have any serious spammers as of yet.

How's it going? Why are you here?

I've linked us on the ASOAIF boards, and on twitter. Should have an influx soon, I hope!

Faring well!

With my more extensive work in Conlanging I understand terminology a lot more and I can tell you than I can't wait to sink my teeth into Dothraki :)

If I had more time I would be speaking Na'vi, but since I'm more interested ASOIAF more than Avatar Dothraki is gaining more attention.

Yeah, ASOAIF is a lot more sustainable, fan-wise, than Avatar.

Slä - fko sìltsan leiu alu tìpuslltxe Na'viyä lì'fyayä.

Sigh didn't get too much into it but I am reading the Na'vi notes lol.

Fyhen Shush, eune thilosh heis.


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