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ingsve recently dropped by our science fiction, fantasy, and linguistics blog, Alien Tongues, to comment on our woefully brief post about Dothraki.

We were wondering if Dothraki enthusiasts would be interested in doing an interview over e-mail, talking a bit about the language as it's being revealed, and the community around it.  Such an interview would do us honor!

Currently Klingon is a bit over-represented on our site, and while we're proud of our ties to the Klingon empire, we would like to see other languages getting their due.

If you're interested, please contact me via e-mail.  I'll also keep an eye on the forum here.  Thank you!

I sent a response to the alientongues email as well but might as well post here as well that I would be available for an email interview.

Not sure what happened to your response, but I've rescued a few e-mails from an over-active spam filter lately, and it might have gotten yours.  I'll PM you with a more reliable e-mail address for me.

Sent another reply. How it got through this time.

I've also heard from Lajaki, so I can combine answers from both of you.  Thank you again!


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