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I've just recently started my efforts into learning the Dothraki tounge and I'm currently putting my efforts into expanding my vocabulary using the course that's on Memrise. I'm hoping to be able to get some Tarzan speak going on by next month at least, and I pretty much have all the basic expressions from DJP's book so that's a plus! I look forward to speaking with all the motivated and outstanding people on this forum.

Howdy hey! Good to see a bunch of new people joining up to this forum. I'm doing my best to get people interested in the forums again so interaction with any and all posts made will be a definite help  :)

Also, if you have the time and are interested, I'd point you in the direction of learning High Valyrian too. I got a buddy, named DannyJeffrey on this forum, who's awful lonely and doesn't have any people to talk to on the Valyrian section of this site. So why don't you give him some love and learn a second conlang while you're at it  ;D

Once I get a good footing in the Dothraki camp I would love to get a hand in the Valyrian world! Right now I'm going through the basic Dothraki course that's on Memrise; I'm about 80 words into it, and that's after 4days. So give it a week and I might actually be able to say things that make a little sense!

This is really the first language that I've sat down to memorise vocabulary for, and I'm really surprised at how fast you can add up the words when you do it on a daily basis.

Make sure to look at the wiki page often. That really is the center of all Dothraki learning if you really do want to speak well. Memrise can help with key words but the course can also make mistakes or not explain why a term is the way it is.


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