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High Valyrian is now on Duolingo!


Hey guys! The language learning platform Duolingo launched a High Valyrian course last week.

It's still in beta, so it has some mistakes but it is actively being improved. The course gave me an excuse to finally jump into the constructed languages of GoT and I'm having a blast. If you're still learning Valyrian you should give it a go!

That's exciting news! High Valyrian has attracted a lot of scholarly attention, but not as much popular attention. This might help move High Valyrian a little closer to Dothraki in terms of being a widely known and used language.

Rytsas Tolvys! Greetings Everyone, I just went through the entire DuoLingo course as a first go round. I loved it. I also used Memrise audio version because I learn better with sound. I also study Na'vi. Is there a place to practice High Valyrian? In the meantime I will go through DuoLingo again, continue with Memrise, and study the wiki. Thanks, and Geros Ilas!

Rystas, sbibeau!  It's good to finally see a Valyrian speaker on this forum. I don't know of any High Valyrian practices places since I am wholly focused on Dothraki, but I think it would be a great idea if you set up such a place on these forums! I've seen more people asking for Valyrian translations here since the duolingo release, and it would be nice to see someone as enthusiastic as you being able to help them out.

Geros Ilas! (I hope that makes sense)

Kirimvose Choyosor. I would love to see High Valyrian become as popular and well developed as Na'vi; those folks have a very active community. Unfortunately I am such a newbie with High Valyrian I may not be helpful. Let me think about it though. There may be a way I could use the materials from DuoLingo and Memrise and gather something useful.

Geros Ilas!


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