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This is a thread to converse in Valyrian!

Since there are several dialects of Valyrian in use/being developed, but High Valyrian is the predominant dialect, please note at the beginning of your post what dialect you are using, if it isn't High Valyrian. If could be as simple as, say AV for Astapori Valyrian.

Use curly braces {  } to denote untranslatable words.

Optional, but strongly encouraged: Please provide an English (or other language) translation of what you wrote. As there is no desc or spoiler BBcode tag available on this board (I am looking into the reason why), you will have to put the English text a few lines below the Valyrian text.

Let the conversation begin!

Ñuha brōzi Caelan issa. Syyz issa rhaenagon avy!

My name is Caelan. It’s nice to meet you!

(P.S. My keyboard doesn’t have the accent for the letter “y”. If you see two “y”’s next to each other like in “syyz” assume it’s the accented “y”.)

--- Quote from: DannyJeffrey on August 05, 2015, 08:25:29 pm ---[HV - the REAL Valyrian dialect ;-)]

Rytsas tolvys!
Danny ñuha brōzi issa.
Sȳz kessa, jeme hēdrȳ rȳbagon!

Hello all!
My name is Danny.
It will be good, to hear from you!

(Kessa is Future 3rd person singular of 'to be' - an irregular verb. The second clause of the last sentence was tricky, I ordered it 'you [plural] from amongst [there was no 'from' by itself] to hear'.)

--- End quote ---

Avy kosti ivestragi “Syyz kessa, jeme hēm ryybagon!”.

You can say “Syyz kessa, jeme hēm ryybagon!”.


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