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General Discussion / Rains Of Castamere In Dothraki
« on: October 14, 2015, 11:34:54 am »
Hey, new guy here.

I'm posting here more out of necessity and curiousity than anything else.

I can't believe nobody has done this already.

Y'see I'm going to try and produce a Dothraki version of "The Rains Of Castamere". But I'm having trouble with the translation, considering there are some words that apparently just don't exist in Dothraki.

I went on the Dothraki translation engine and put the whole song into translate. But not all the words translated.

Dothraki doesn't just have no word for 'thank you' they also don't have words for 'Hear', 'claws', 'long', 'proud', or "lion" "rain" or 'weep'. Lord can be easily replaced with Khal, but for quite a few other words in the Dothraki Vocab just don't exist or have counterparts.

Can I get some help? Or at the very least a more creative way of translating the song?

Thank you.

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