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General Discussion / Re: Is there a Dothraki word for "Myself"?
« on: November 13, 2012, 12:40:53 pm »
How about using the particle with an imperative? If you had to translate the famous "nosce te ipsum", would that be: Yer nemo nesas ? Or could you just drop the pronoun?

Fun stuff, I had to translate your dothraki sentence, only to discover I always knew it in french :o

I'd love to help on the french one.

Even if I find it easier to first translate in english and then in dothraki. Plus all the cool stuffs to translate are mostly in english.

Like this quote :

- Vos! Anha avees yeri!
- Vosecchiiiiiiiii...
   (Admiral Ingsve will immediatly see what it is...)

General Discussion / Re: Some poetry made of Dothraki
« on: November 13, 2012, 12:07:25 pm »

Short but sweet i am working on more (may be a few mistakes) :)    Nice one! Here are some corrections I would do

My sun and stars, my world
Shekh ma shieraki anni, ma rhaesheser                                               Shekh ma shieraki anni, rhaesheser anni
You are the only one for my eyes,
Yer disse num ha ma tih                                                                        Yer disse ha tih anni
I think of you all the time, day and night
Anha dirgat qisi yera leshitof, asshekh ma ajjalani                               Anha dirgak qisi yera ayyey, vi asshekhaan ma ajjalanaan
I want it all for you, my sun and stars
Anha zalak ha yera , Shekh ma shieraki anni                                        Anha zalak ei ha yera, Shekh ma shieraki anni
I would do anything to kiss your lips
Anha hash zhille vekhikh ha zoqwa yera heth                                      Anha laz tat zhille vekhikh ha zoqwat hethe yeri
To be in your arms my king, your khaleesi 
Ha she yera qora ma Khal, yera Khaleesi                                             She qoraes yeri, khal anni, Khaleesi yeri
My handsome man, I respectfully bow before you
Ma mezahe mahrazh, anha avvemok hatif yera athvichomerar            Mahrazh mezahe anni, anha avvemok hatif yera athvichomerar

dothras chek

Here are some tips that were brought to me by the leading team (david, ingse, qvaak, niqqo, and the tutorials of sunquan8094 on youtube) :

- You seem to use ma as  possessive particule. The right way to describe possession is through genitive case (end the noun or pronoun with an -i)

- Adverbs like disse, ayyey, avvos,... go in the end of the sentence

- You use num, I think, as an auxillary for to be. Dothraki does not have a translation for to be (tutorial 1 on the wiki) you just put the noun subject on nominative case and than the noun complement in accusative case. About adjectives that change the nouns (like zheana), they are turned to verbs to act as to be + adjective ( zheana -> zheanalat -> yer zheanae beautiful -> to be beautiful -> you are beautiful).

Once again, I'm not linguist, so I can't help much more.
All I can do is check your work as I check for mine : open the wiki on "Adverbs", "Adjectives" "Verbs conjugation", "Verb auxillaries", "Vocabulary", "Noun cases", the dothraki - english dictioonnary and the reverse one, and work with tutorials on youtube.

Hajas !

General Discussion / Re: Help! with a translation for a tatoo in dothraki
« on: November 13, 2012, 10:17:23 am »
M'ath, zhey soren !

I personnaly think that since David agreed on both sentences, this choice belongs only to you, pal...

Beginners / Re: Teamspeak or similar?
« on: November 13, 2012, 07:45:59 am »
M'ath !

I dig another long forgotten topic (I reaaally feel like a pain in the *ss for the admin),
but this idea interests me a lot, for practicing my dothraki speech in another way than dumbly repeating Momoa's lines, or in front of the prononciation video of Lajaki on Youtube (which rock the house btw).

Is this still available? (and on european time sched?)

Again, sorry to play the Undigger. (... and this last word sounds like a kick ass nickname ;D )

Hajas !


I agree that it would be nice to get some more activity on the forums. It has gotten a bit better in the past month though. Before that it could go months without much posted at all.

Most of the socializing seems to happen on the IRC chat where we meet every monday night (7 pm PST) which is in the middle of the night in Europe (4am CET).

I mentioned, the forum, and in a topic of a french "geek" forum. Maybe it'll bring new folks.

General Discussion / Some poetry made of Dothraki
« on: November 13, 2012, 01:39:00 am »
M'athchomaroon, lajaki avezhvenanaz !

I tried some poetry in this language, or at least, tried to build some sweet things to say to a lady :-*, and making them rhyme a bit.

Anha nemo vallayafak affin Khaleesi anni ma anhaan disse.
Zhey jalan atthirari anni, anha vigererak yera sekke.
Affin anha dirgat qisi yera, zhor anni nemo aggenda ki dirgi.
San sekke vekhikhe anha zalak ha yeraan, Khaleesi anni.

Ammemat ha chare yeri hoyalies azheananaz,
Movelat krazaajoon ei asshekhikh ha jini athjahakaroon ki shiloy yera
Yatholat jalanes ei ajjalani, majin me nira ki shekhikh yeri,
Oma yera m’ahnoon vosi ; ma yera, ei anni.

Anha avvemok hatif yera athvichomerar, Khaleesi azheananaz ki ei Khaleesies.

Here is what I tried to say...

I'm only pleased when my Khaleesi is with me
Moon of my life, I miss you so much
When I think of you, my heart is riped by those thoughts,
So much things I want for you, my Khaleesi

To play for your ears the most beautiful songs,
To create mountains every day from the pride of knowing you
To rise the moon every night, so it's filled with your light,
Without you I have none; with you, all is mine.

I respectfully bow before you, most beautiful Khaleesi of all Khaleesies

Anha viqaferak ha shekhikhaan yeri athvichomerar.


Dothras chek!

M'ath, zhey Halahhi (yer zheanae).

Anha dothras chek akka.

If I had to take a Dothraki name, I would translate my own from its celtic origin : Morgan = Sea born which would be Havazhyol.

I'm 27, french, and I reaaaally work on dothraki speaking, accent and stuff, cause it's really fun to see the faces of my coworkers when they piss me off... (plus we french have a bad reputation about accent in foreign speechs, so I try to prove it's not general)

I speak french (duh!), English (pretty well, I think), a bit of german, japanese, some polite words (more or less ::) ) from italian, portuguese, chinese, spanish, literary Arabic.

About conlang, I can merly speak some qenya, khuzdul and black speech, but it's not easy since no one agrees on the grammar. I never tried Naavi, or Klingon (the Federation is not really popular in my country), but I can recognize them.

And I'm done !

Hajas !

General Discussion / What about the time?
« on: November 12, 2012, 04:51:51 am »

I've been wondering for some days now : there are words for year firesof and day asshekh but there are no words yet in Dothraki to speak about week, month,  or about the days of the weeks?

(I've been thinking about those two words, like fire ki jalani for month, and saccheya ki jalani for week...)

HBO: Game of Thrones / Re: Momoa worked hard on Dothraki
« on: November 11, 2012, 11:42:58 pm »
As always, thank you, mighty Admiral.

HBO: Game of Thrones / Re: Momoa worked hard on Dothraki
« on: November 11, 2012, 11:51:31 am »
Sorry to dig out the topic.

Does anyone knows and could translate what Jason Momoa says at 0:27 ?

Game of Thrones Comic Con Panel 2011 Drogo v Conan

Since I'm a fan of the greatest King of Aquilonia, i'm more than curious...

General Discussion / Re: Help for translation
« on: November 07, 2012, 12:16:38 am »
Hi all,

I have some ansmers from David :

to close : Ajjonat.

to open : Esajjonalat.

Azzhonathat does not mean to open, it is the opposite of Qemmolat, to cover. (so it would only mean to expose as Ingsve said)

Zoqwa : (copy/past of his answer)

It's an inanimate noun of Class B, hence its paradigm is:


About Unicorn, he had a little preference for the descriptive way (Hrazef ma at chivoon), but since both of the answers worked, he leaves the choice to us...

Fonas chek!

(Sorry for double post)

Introductions / Re: Daenerys Targaryen Fan here. Halloween help!
« on: November 03, 2012, 06:18:40 am »
Khogar yeri vezhveni sekke, zhey Peacheskreme. (I hope my declinations are right. Correct me if not  :P)

Dothraki Language Updates / Re: An epithet for GRRM.
« on: October 28, 2012, 03:28:46 am »
Hi there.

What about Khal among the Khals, or Khals of all Khals (since there is no word for among)

Khal ki Khali

Or maybe Nakh ogat voji kisha zhili, jaqqa ! (Stop killing the one we like, murderer!  sorry if some declinations are wrong...)


Introductions / Re: Daenerys Targaryen Fan here. Halloween help!
« on: October 28, 2012, 03:03:29 am »
Hi Peacheskreme, and welcome.

I hope your costume as Khaleesi will have a good impression for your Halloween, it is a bit easier to physically look like her than us about Drogo or any lajak from his khalassaroon.
Turns out one can't act as a true dothraki if lacking some muscles...  :P

Anyway I hope you'll share some photos.

Fonas chek, zhey Peacheskreme

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