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General Discussion / Re: help with translation
« on: April 16, 2013, 02:41:52 am »
M'ath, britishlady.

What is thy sentence?

Now that this is mostly over I'm starting to think about a francophone version of the wiki, but I'm going to need help from other frenchies on this one...

I also figured out that "la garde de la nuit" had started a "mini-me" french wiki dothraki, with links to our wiki.

Do you think it's thinkable, or does the fact that they started one mightgive birth to a crowd of issues?

Thank you very much Qvaak and Ingsve.

The translation process is now complete, Dothraki has now a full french translating tool !!!

I'm so glad I did it ! Online soon I hope !!!

M'athchomaroon !!!

the dictionnary is actually at 99%, now there are still a few words in pending, either due to an lack of english knowledge, or  rejected by blue brain (and I don't understand why...  ??? ). For the record, I had to remove all the french accent à é è ç in order to get the words accepted.

So, first part : the words that I need help with :

rhae mhar        n.         sore-foot    not completly sure of the meaning...         

zhey                 part.     vocative marker   I need help, cause I'm not sure how to explain it correctly in french

ziqwehelat        v.          to retch    not completly sure of the meaning...

zireyeselat       vtr.        to offend, to bug, to jostle     the translation of to bug slips away from my brain...

affesat              vtr.        to make someone itch    not completly sure of the meaning...

tikkheya            ni.          verb, the instigator's half of the act  (Grammatical sense) cf. melikheya       absolutly not a clue about the meaning

melikheya           ni.         the patient's half of the act      (grammatical, not medical meaning) cf. tikkheya       absolutly not a clue about the meaning

sondra               ni-B.      dragon glass    obsidian       not completly sure of the meaning...

Emrakh Hrazef   prop.n.  Horse Gate           once again I need help from someone who read the books in french...

ray (2)                v.aux.    to have     (perfect tense introduction)          I may need help from a french linguist here...

m' (2)                  elided version of {\it me-} a complementizer used to introduce subordinate clauses              I totally need help from a french linguist on this one :P

hethkat               v.           tight; ready, prepared       shouldn't this word be translated in english as to be tight; to be ready, to be prepared ? (c.f. hethke)

Thez word zhor (1) keeps being rejected by blue brain , I still don't understand why.


Some words are not accepted, I suspect it is because the third field is not filled, and does not need to be in french, here they are :

eyeli                    adj.        spotted (e.g. the status of having spots)

eyelilat                 vin.        to be spotted    (e.g. the state or status of having spots)

kimikh                   ni.         date   (fruit of a date palm)

zhorrof                 ni.          fig    (fresh fruit of a fig tree)

e.g. date in english can mean the fruit of the date tree, a meeting with someone -you wish to score :P- or a day. It is translated datte in french, which only mean fruit of the date tree I.E. does not need more specification.


Thank you !!!!

Fonas chek!


The dictionnary has been stuck at 76 % for the past weeks, for this I truly sorry.

Do not think I gave up.

The reason is that my wife just gave birth to my second daughter (and I have a problem with internet at home).

I'll get back to ot as soon as I have internet back, and some good sleep...

Fonas chek !

My bad, I ran too fast...

One of the things that might enter the copyright is to use names (such as Khal Drogo).

General Discussion / Re: Os Gangnam (Dothraki Gangnam Style)
« on: January 14, 2013, 12:22:02 pm »
Now that I thnik of it, Dothraki don't have a word for billion? Only Dalen ma yor...

PSY dothra ha tihikhaan daleni ma yori ma ale she Youtube.

Sounds good?

M'atchomaroon, zhey ei voji.

I had an idea, maybe some already thought of it (but I didn't read records of it on the forum (or maybe did I missed them).

I thought about one of the most geeky ornament nowadays (got 72 differents myself... and now that I write it down I figure out I may have too many of them... anyway):

T-shirts (about the wiki or the forum and the language)

Not with pictures, but with sentences, all made up (like Anha lekhak Dothraki or Anha laz astak ma Khal Drogo) in roman or cyrillic calligraphy

The thing is : I'm not sure it could be done without breaking some copyrights HBO may possess though...

Anyone could help on this one?

Dothras chek!

General Discussion / Re: French translation of the Dothraki dictionnary
« on: January 11, 2013, 02:46:07 am »
50 % filled, halfway done !

General Discussion / Re: French translation of the Dothraki dictionnary
« on: January 03, 2013, 11:55:51 pm »
Zhey Niqqo,

about the questions I posted the 10th of december, since I had no answers here I asked a friend of mine who read the books in french (pero, gracias de todos modos  :D).

Zhey Hrakkar,

yes, it's working nicely, the interface is pretty easy to use, and since I translated a word copy of the lastest wiki update, I just need to fill the blanks with copy/past ^^ (ctrl+C/ctrl+V keys be blessed).
I just have one question about the short writing of proper nouns. Is there a way to change it in the french dictionnary? (prop.n. in english -> np. or n.prop. in french)
Hope your head warms a little ^^.

Fonas chek !

General Discussion / Re: French translation of the Dothraki dictionnary
« on: January 03, 2013, 05:31:02 am »
First post of 2013 !!!  8)

Anyway, the translation of the dictionnary is almost ended (it's been tough feasts, in the past weeks), and it's transposition is 20% done.

I still have some words/definition that tickles, I'll post them in a few days, when I get less busy.


Anha zalak ha yeraan vittesqoyi davra, zhey ei voji.

Hope it's good.

Hajas and don't over drink!!!

(question : since vitteya is inanimate, I suppose vittesqoyi is also, isn't it?)

General Discussion / Re: Some poetry made of Dothraki
« on: December 20, 2012, 02:42:15 am »
M'athchomaroon !

Made some arrangements, added stuff, changed a little...

Anha nem allayafak affin Khaleesi anni ma anhoon disse
Irge athshilozari fitte kishi akka, anha vigererak yeroon sekke.
Affin anha dirgak yeri, zhor anhoon nem aggenda ki dirgi.
Sekke san vekhikhi anha zalak ha yeraan, zhey Khaleesi anni.

Ammemat ha charaan yeroon hoyale azheananazi,
Movelat krazaaj ei asshekh ha jin athjahakaroon haji shilat yera
Ayyatholat jalanes ei ajjalani, majin me nira shekhikhoon yeroon,
Kash anha ma yeroon, kash ei davrakh anni ;kash anha oma yeroon, kash vosi m’anhoon

Yer sho zhores anhoon ki hakesi yeroon ma tawakoon virsaya.
Zhey Khaleesi azheananaz ei Khaleesisoa.
Anha nemo avvemok hatif yeri k’athvichomerari

I hope I didn't forget any corrections... ( ::) I wanted to say qvaakings, but it might sound teasing  :-X no offense though)

I think I'm almost done with it.

(I noticed on the vocab that you added the animacy of jalan but not jalan qoyi. Since the harvest moon is just the name given to an observation of the moon, wouldn't it be animated too?)

General Discussion / Re: Random Dothraki
« on: December 17, 2012, 10:41:54 am »
Sorry for this post, but I would think differently, Admiral.

Zhey seems to be a mark of respect, which is one of the root of the Dothraki, as you, Qvaak, Hrakkar and Niqqo teached me.

I'm not sure it would be used for this kind of interjection... Maybe with Ifak or some insults of this kind (chiftik) to amplify the ridiculousness of the insult itself. (like a gentle insult, between two close friends)

But an insult like fucker, dummy or asshole is too high (on the ladder the feelings that create the need to say it) to add zhey, even to add some foolishness.

But, as always, I'm no linguist, I only give my point of view with what I've learn so far with the few tongues I studied, so I may surely be wrong.

I personnaly think that there would not be many insults or "bad words" in Dothraki (as in japanese). After all, Dothraki don't insult much : if someone is not respectful to another, it usually ends with one of the two protagonist lying on the floor, bathing in his blood, with an arakh stucks in his belly...

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