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General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: December 05, 2011, 05:21:14 pm »
Apologies for the late response! I took a long vacation shortly after halloween and have been more or less occupied and disconnected from the internet.

my boyfriend and i had been wanting to be khaleesi and khal for halloween and luckly you had this blog and with your help we came up with these costumes...on a budget so what do you think?

I'd say it turned out pretty darn good! My one issue, as has already been brought up, would be the pants which seem a little bit too loose, but whatever. Very clearly a Khal Drogo, and a good one too! I just wish I had your boyfriend's skin tone!

Ur costume is absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!!!! U look nearly exactly like him, just let ur hair grow :D
Its amazing, i wished u could be here, i need u for a photoproject ;-)


General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: November 02, 2011, 02:55:42 pm »
Incredible job! Athdavrazar! That is an absolutely amazing costume and an amazing craftsmanship. I definitely need to commission you to make me some Khaleesi gloves with all that extra leather scraps you have! :)
Thanks a bunch!! I'm really happy with most of it!!
They looks pretty easily done, though I may have  to purchase more leather as the scraps i do have are thicker and would be better suited for belts. Additionally I'm not sure how I'd figure out how to fit it to your hands ... Shoot me an email (zombat at gmail)  if you're serious and we can talk more. :)

I really like it when people go to the trouble (and it is often a considerable amount of trouble) to make a truly authentic and functional costume. Any kudos you got for that costume were very well deserved!
Thanks!! And same. I figured that if I was to try the costume I'd have to go all the way with it.  The few dothraki phrases I knew helped out a lot too, as far as embodying the character. When people said garbled stuff to me i'd respond with 'ahna acharak vos ale" and a few people recognized that I wasn't jabbering back with nonsense. :) I ran into a few Na'vi characters and they didn't understand it when I asked them if they also spoke Na'vi, and were real na'vi. Nope.

That does look awesome...i love it.
And Kade, where did you get those awesome lion medallions?
Drawer pulls from Menards. I cut off the ring and did some painting with gold leaf.

Thanks, and good idea with the medallions, resourceful!! I like it!

Here are some more photos!!  Once I re-do everything and when a Con comes around I'll be getting a spray tan and getting some more professional photos taken, hopefully on horseback! Until then, these are the best:

Additionally, if I might shamelessly self-promote, I made a reddit post and I'm lookin for some support on getting others to see it. If you guys like my costume please vote it up!

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: October 30, 2011, 07:23:48 pm »
I'm done!!

Well not quite. I'm going to be re-making a few things as I've learned a great deal after wearing it for a day and a night and it took a bit of a beating. I had to make some rush adjustments after work friday, a few fixes to the loincloth, a remaking of a beltstring, a few other things. I now know a great deal more about what is durable and what is weak, as far as a few things are concerned. 

I had an absolutely excellent response to the costume. I'm definitely going to continue to improve it and wear it at conventions. So much fun!

Better pictures in the future!

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: October 26, 2011, 12:36:04 pm »
Looking very nice! I might just copy that arm guard design for my  ancient Celtic outfit. Perhaps not perfectly authentic, but looks to be very useable and effective.

If you haven't, you might check out Van Dyke's Taxidermy supply for casting resins and epoxies. They have many different grades of this kind of material.
Word, I'll check that in the future.  The armguard is pretty good, actually. I imagine with some rods running along the arm it'd be quite functional for slashing protection.

While I hate all the leather and animal material happening here (vegan) I love the concept! Totally into themeing it up and going Dothraki!
Yeah! My thoughts are 'balls to the wall or not at all' when it comes to this type of thing

Awesome work, Skxawng. I am actually in the preliminary stages of making a Khal Drogo costume for halloween as well. I was thinking of using Etsy to have the belt and wrist guards made, but seeing what you've done is making me wonder if I wouldn't be better off designing the costume myself. I think the trickiest bit will be the golden horses belt worn by Khal Drogo during the wedding. I think it's a really cool addition to the costume, but it may be too tricky to pull off.

It was definitely a time sink, between sculpting it, casting, and making them into a belt its taken as much time as the girdle has.

For other aspects, I've bought a 60" long wig on Amazon, a pirate's beard, and some miniature brass and silver bells to put in the wig (in the book, this is mentioned more than once that Drogo has bells in his hair and I thought it would make a nice touch anyway). Also bought some blue body paint and a Raccoon Tail Faux Fur Pillow Cover to use as a pelt under the belt (sort of like a loin cloth). So really, what's left is the hard part - the leather work and the jewelry.

Thanks for sharing these, they'll be helpful in the making of my own costume. I also plan on being able to communicate in Dothrak as much as I can, and I'm going to go P90X over the next three months and I should be able to bulk up enough by Halloween.

Glad to know there are others out there so dedicated; and I thought I was getting an early start! You're an inspiration! ;)
Glad to be a positive influence on you!! The blue paint'll probably be just some acrylic paint for me ;P

Ack I just noticed the dates sorry for taking so long to get back here.

If someone already has medium/long hair, I think Kanekalon fiber could be a cheap solution.
It's a japanese fiber of fake hair, low fire-sensibile and really easy to use/comb/brush (I used it to do something DIY).
It's usually used (sorry for the words-trick :P) to do fake dreads/dreadfalls and not only in the dark/cybergoth/cyber fashion but also for "normal" hair extensions.

Braiding the hair or tying them up (and tying the fake braid/ponytail with the real ones) make easy to add more hair if one pack is not enough (though insider they're really a lot!), either if a person want the tv-series hairstyle or the books one.

The hair colors are really natural and kanekalon packs are really easy to find around internet, like here

I quite hate wigs, because if they're not of very high quality they're horrible to see :(
Awesome. Awesome to the max!! I bought two of these, now I just gotta figure out how to add them to my hair!!

Kade - can't see any of your images :/

Finishing. Everything. Up.

I've got a mad 3 day dash to get everything done before i head up to philly for halloween. I'll be going to work as drogo as well, so thursday night is the absolute deadline. I expect to have to stay up very late in the coming days.

The biggest thing that's been keeping me busy is the hide sash, which I realized was there while scrutinizing screenshots of drogo in order to figure out the ceremonial loincloth. Past that, I've also been working on the ceremonial loincloth. Tonight I sewed on the feathers to the sides, and dyed it to match the pants/girdle. Tomorrow night I weave together a bunch of jute bundles with beads and attach it to the front of the ceremonial loincloth, as well as figuring out a good way to attach it to myself securely. I'll also need to fix up / add to the hide sash, and do the finishing touches on the knives before i paint them on wednesday.

Thats another problem. In sunlight or Incandescent light, all of the leather looks very very red :miffed:  It faded after drying - when I initially applied it it seemed perfect. Sooo tomorrow I go to tandy's to pick up some light blue or green leather dye. My hope is that the additional color will muddy up the red, and at the very least cause it to be far darker than successive layers of the Mahogany Brown dye is accomplishing.  I figure it'd be better to be very dark than very red, ultimately.  A bit of a lesson though: when you do tests of leather dye, do it on very large pieces of leather instead of thumb-sized pieces, so you can see how it turns out on a wide scale.

That said, it'll look fine at night. I'll just need to fix it somehow before I go to a con.

Sorry for the crappy shots. I need a new camera. Hopefully I'll be able to get some high quality photos from my coworkers on friday of the completed deal. For now though, these will have to do:

Left to do is ... get the hair extensions in, figure out how to attach to my hair. Figure out a beard extension, buy and figure out how to apply mascara/eye shadow, shave my eyebrow a bit, temporarily dye my hair and beard dark black, finish the knives, try to finish the arakh (probably won't) get my boots from zappos (tomorrow!) Another big thing is to shave off sections of hide on the sash and dye from the back  so that its not so white and clean, giving it the effect of longtime use, cut it up a bit more so its less like an amalgamation of hide scraps. Then I need to finish the back of the girdle so that the buckles arent out in the open and there's not a space in my lower back. Figure out the blue paint, put it in a bottle that I can carry and easily apply. Finish antiquing medallion beads (there are a few lacking) Get some gauze, dye it offwhite for the hands ... work out ... and go yell some dothraki at my friends :)

Very excited!

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: July 18, 2011, 10:14:56 pm »
This might be a bit much for this project, but have you considered tanning your own leather? It is a challenging process (and easier with modern chemistries), but is certainly doable.

I would really love to learn how to do this, but I don't really have the time, nor the required nearby facilities to help with this.  If I had a garage I'd hunt during fall and learn on a deer. For now, though, leather must be bought!!


I've been sick the last few days, and that coupled with an injury has got me frustrated because I can't work out, and I need bigger pecs!  However since I've started this I've lost about 10 lbs so I'm happy.  Being sick, however, I spent some time this weekend working on the arm band, and experimenting with dye. The results are pretty good!

Clearly some work is yet to be done here.  I've gotta finish dying up the edges, and the man who's instructing me on leatherworking has stated that after waxing the leather, adding 'antiquing' dye thats been diluted all of those edges and bright spots will be covered up. He also recommended that I pull it tight over some wood and slash at the whole affair lightly with a knife a few times to simulate combat damage. As the leather is pretty thin, I worry about marring it to destruction.  I'm also slightly worried that its a bit too red ... though that only appears to be the case under incandescent light and direct sunlight.  I recently purchased some more dye - this time black - and will be experimenting with adding more dark to leather before I go to dye the primary girdle. I've also attached a bit of pigskin leather to the interior, which needs to be worn down a bit, and possibly dyed itself to match the feel of the latticed part.  A tshirt that has been cut into long strips attaches this to my arm rather snugly - this is but a placeholder until I purchase some more leather.

Today I also received 3 bridle strap buckles, which will serve to attach the girdle to me before the corset style lacing goes over. This should allow me a good deal of adjustability, both for comfort and good fit. Once this has all been completed and installed, I'll be ready to dye and more or less finish! I'm so excited!

I've also begun  to re-carve the wedding belt, this time in 'Hard' Chavant NSP, which has proven to be more flexible than its 'medium counterpart' -- if at any point I find it too hard, a quick blast of a heatgun will get it to medium, another to soft. And its hard enough to allow for very fine details, should I want them.  Unfortunately the only picture I have so far is the 1/2 completed 'medium' version and its 'hard' counterpart plug before I started carving.

I've also begun to experiment with resin a little. Nothing too crazy, as of yet. I simply started with a poured coat of 15$ resin i bought at Home Depot over the blade as a way of filling the wood and a method of getting a very very smooth coat. If the spray enamel is going to work I'll need the surface as smooth as possible.  That said resin seems to be very very promising as a method of forming surface. Curing in about 2 hours I was able to sand within the day, and while the surface isn't perhaps rock solid, its still very durable. The one drawback it seems is when I blow through while sanding and go down to the wood - then it starts to flake off.  However, I also found that it bonds seamlessly to the Apoxie sculpt, which means a lot less sanding for me, I'm guessing, as the thick resin might fill the cracks and crags of 80-120 grit sandpaper and leave a very smooth surface. Tonight I'll be experimenting by coating the handle/hilt end.

- - - -

Finally got everything laid out like I wanted it, so I went ahead and dyed the girdle. I'm pretty happy to see that the belts  match the patches of leather pretty well.  After attempting to lace up the central star shapes, I found that the holes were too small to accomodate the thickness of the lace.

So I went to home depot to pick up a grommit punch that was 1/2" thickness. It seemed too small, so I also picked up a 10' pole of 1/2" conduit pipe.  I was right that it was too small, so I took the pipe, cut off about 4 inches, and used a bastard file to sharpen one end. Worked Perfectly!

I also took the time to re-lace everything together (with the exceptions of the star centers, as I need to re-punch a few holes, and dye some more lace before I can actually thread them. After that I'll be using a friend to help put the holes in the adjustable belts so that I can get a good fit on the body.

Here's where its at now:

After all that is completed, all thats left to do is apply a finish to the leather, and perhaps add a softener to it to really make it supple, and its done!

I've also halted the production of the Arakh, sadly, as Its not an integral part of the outfit.  I'll finish it out later, but for now the other stuff is more important

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: July 07, 2011, 08:47:55 am »
The pants Drogo wore were really cool. Jason Momoa thought so too so he begged the costume department for him to keep them and they allowed it so he is the only one who has gotten to keep any of their wardrope it seems.

Yeah they were. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to replicate them with as much detail as I would like ... in the show the pants still have fur in patches that don't usually receive wear and tear, and are very clearly only a few seams. Interestingly, hair-on cowhide is more expensive than leather, (substantially so) so I'll only be able to have a couple bits of that.  The resulting pants from my 'harvested' leather is going to be a lot more riddled with segments, which might ultimately be pretty cool, so who knows.

Lucky find! I'm guesing that the leather from that chair was supple, so it should work well for the intended purpose.

I did a little research some time last week, and found that there are a lot of cultures that used swords with more than a little curve to them. There was one but culture that used a sword as curved as the arakh. The author of the book reported that it was sharp on the inner edge. It was not a given much in the way of good comments, including that it was hard to draw and return to the scabbard. The Dothraki version is sharp on the outside edge, which is more useful, but it removes much of the advantage of the curve. (I still like straight broadswords the best.)
Yeah the chair leather is indeed quite soft and supple. It stiffens slighty when I applied the dye on some test strips, but I have confidence that a little bit of working and wear will get it soft again.

From what I can tell about the dothraki arakh, is that the inside (on the larger ones at least) is as sharp as the outside. Furthermore, they don't carry them around in scabbards, appearing to instead favor a sort of slipknot attachment to their saddles.  My current arakh is a lot of fun to swing around though :P

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: July 04, 2011, 07:25:06 pm »
Long overdue update!
Despite a busy life I've been working somewhat diligently towards completing the girdle first. I've punched all of the holes needed, and as you can see below experimented with the stitching.

I need to buy some leather lace, as well as some buckle ends for the belts, and then I'll be basically ready to dye the leather, and finish it. I'm totally stoked

Next up is the Arakh, which I've been honing down more and more. It looks a bit rough currently but is a lot more smooth and finished than the photo shows.

You can see the knife is more or less close to being completed ... I still have to buy filler so I can make the blade smooth enough to look like metal once the silver coat is applied. Next is the armband, waiting to be dyed, and tied together, and attached to a more loose, low ounce piece of leather.

In addition to all that, I've started to think about the leather pants, and how I'm going to manage that.  As luck would have it, today when I was dropping off my rent check I spied by a dumpster a chair that was upholstered with leather. Checking it out I noted that it was broken, but still in halfway decent shape.

Naturally I drove home and got my compound bow, and while ghost-riding my car drove by and nailed the beast just behind its front haunches. It didn't want to part with this world, so I had to nail it again before I reigned in my steed and performed the coup de grace.  With deft hands I flayed its fallen body, making quick, skillful cuts in the right areas to let the hide be removed easily from the corpse.

The chair yielded what would appear to be just enough material to make the pants, and even better, despite the fact that it was finished, it would appear that the leather can be dyed easily.  It may not be one large solid piece to be divided up into the pants pattern, but ultimately its an all in all good solution that just happened to drop from the sky.

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: June 24, 2011, 08:28:45 am »
Nice work on that rather interesting sword. It makes me wonder what the combat advantage is of such a highly curved blade.

From how it was described in the book, it needs to be long and big, so that one can strike from horseback. The curved blade also lends towards slashing at speed - so nothing gets stuck, and also it focuses the energy of the momentum of the rider and the swing towards a smaller area, thereby increasing the amount of force applied by the edge.  Where a straight sword's edge would strike a larger area and have a greater chance of its energy being dissipated (not sinking as deep) the Arakh would work similar to an axe, and cut deeper, without the heft of an axe, and with more reach.  (remember that Arakhs are swung with the outer edge leading, as opposed to a sickle or a reaper.

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: June 23, 2011, 07:26:50 pm »
Jenny - Thanks! I too am ecstatic about it :D

Glad to see that you are enjoying leatherwork. I have always enjoyed working with natural materials, like leather, bone, etc. And it is interesting to think all leather is, is animal skin that has been treated such that the 'hydrogen bonding sites' on the skin proteins have been 'capped' chemically in such a way that bacterial enzymes cannot attack the protein. We have super-materials today that have better properties than leather. But for instance, in pipe organ construction, not one artificial material has been found that works as well as leather.

Mì kifkey leNa`vi, fko syaw oe `Eylan Ayfalulukanä.
Ah! Kaltxì!  Wild stuff, leather.

Second Update!

Spent a good 5 hours marking out and cutting the leather. I ended up with *just* enough for the belt and his left arm's bracer. I've still got another belly half of thinner leather which I'll be using for lace and other parts. Wouldn't mind having extra, though :)

After I cut them all out I had to slot them for the 3 cross belts, which was a major pain, but after I put it all together, it was clearly worth it:

(the tied off knots are simply placeholders)

I've still got to punch a LOT of holes for the connective lace, as well as the decorations. From there I also need to figure out how the belt is going to connect to itself - Initially I figured I'd do a corset-style lace up the back (which is I think how they do it in the show, though its hard to tell) but I'm thinking that maybe instead I'll have 3 belt buckles that will be either exposed or hidden.  I need to give it some thought, as I want the belt to fit snugly against me. Anyway, spent another few hours beveling the edges of the leather, as well as bending it backwards against the smooth surface to add texture. I'll be ready to dye hopefully in the next week or two.

After that was taken care of I've been primarily working on the Arakh - the long curved sword, that we don't actually see him use, but I figure will be fun to have around.  I started out by laminating two pieces of 1 1/2" strips of pinewood together, then cutting them accordingly into pieces to match the curve, and re-connecting them.  From there I further cut the shape, and cut the bevel of the blade's edge with a knife and a large wood rasp. Then i started experimenting with Apoxie sculpt and filling spaces, before just adding a large amount to the hilt to make it fit the hand:

Apoxie Sculpt is the graddakh!!  After it cures it has the feel of a soft soapstone when further carving into things. The wood rasp smoothes it nicely, and a wood scraper also evenly strips the material away. Its mind blowing stuff, really. Emboldened by the success of the first layer, this morning I added more overtop of the wood on one side, and began to shape the hilt a little further. Its rough currently, but a bit of rasping, sanding and scraping will quickly fix that. I'm looking forward to working tonight:

Furthermore, the blade is starting to feel bulky and heavy, which is exactly what I was hoping for. At this point, I'm wondering if I should even consider re-casting the entire thing in resin, or if I should just focus on working it to a good state with the apoxie sculpt.  We'll see what happens when I get to the detail on the hilt ... it may be a job for NSP, in which case I'll definitely need to cast it.

I've also been carving out the wedding belt medallions, as well as experimenting with getting a metallic look that won't easily rub off.  Photos of that will come later, as things progress.

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: June 15, 2011, 08:58:37 pm »
Wow! You are pretty serious about this!

Yeah! As I said before, I go all out for these types of things, and I've always wanted to learn how to use leather/resin. Plus the more I hear of Dothraki, the more I like it, :P especially now that I'm two books into the series, and am totally in love with the show.

Leather is a lot easier to work with than I originally had thought.  Tonight I cut out all the leather for the girdle -- my hands are killing me!! But its holding together.  I gotta drill all the holes for the leather stitches, and then cut a LOT of thin strips of leather for all of those, as well as drill out the decorative holes in the front.  Depending on if I'm busy or not tomorrow night I'll be able to post another update.

By chance, you are not the same 'Skxawng' as the person of the same name on the LearnNavi forums, are you?
Srane! Lu Skxawng oe ta  Tupe lu nga sìn

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: June 15, 2011, 02:29:58 pm »
First update!

I converted my dining room into a studio, and it is super exciting. I went out also and bought a few basic art supplies a few days ago and sat down to figure out a few things. First and foremost, I needed to figure out how much leather was necessary. So I began to make a template, estimating sizes based on ratio.

The cardboard template:

And fitted on me:

Clearly I need to bulk in the pecs a bit more, and start tanning - good thing that the weather is warmer!.

Anyway after figuring out how the bracers are going to work, I managed to figure out general square footage, aand yesterday I hit up a nearby Tandy Leather outfit.  I can't wait to get home to it tonight and start cutting up the pieces:

Finally I also bought some basswood and laminated birch plywood to experiment with for developing the knives.  Initially I had thought to construct it with wood, then coat with resin for a smooth finish, but I think at this point this will be a template for a resin cast - that way I can weight it evenly when I cast, as well as utilize clay/bondo/epoxy/polyurethane to make a super smooth surface.

Tonight after I hit the gym I'll be experimenting with leather and leatherworking for the first time. I'm psyched.

General Discussion / Re: Khal Drogo
« on: June 10, 2011, 04:36:58 pm »
Hi and welcome.

This sounds like an awesome project.

I'm not sure what we can do to help with creating the outfit but to learn Dothraki this is certainly the place to be.  Some of the things you have on your wish to learn list is already known but a lot of it we have no idea about. Fortunately we have very good contact with the creator of the language (he attends regular IRC chats with us) so if there are phrases that is needed I'm sure he can come up with something that fits.

Thanks for the welcome :)

I hope its cool if I chronicle it all here ... general discussion seemed like the best part. Hopefully if I do things right i'll also channel some traffic here and possibly get others to learn the language :)

I'll hop in the IRC sometime soon - is there a regular time to join?

The list is simply preliminary at this point ... over the weekend when I have some more time I'll be updating it. I also plan on recording myself saying the stuff to make sure that my pronunciation is correct. Hopefully the result will be a couple sound files that can be attached to some of the words in the wiki? I dunno.

General Discussion / Khal Drogo
« on: June 10, 2011, 02:23:09 pm »
So for halloween this year I've decided to go as Kahl Drogo, the one from the series. Suggested by a friend after we saw him in the first episode of HBO's show, and solidified in the most recent episode (The Pointy End) I'm willing to go all-out for this costume, as with the previous halloween, in which i went as a hipster. From learning how to work leather and making jewlery with resin, to growing out my beard and hair, to working out and tanning, to learning a fair amount of Dothraki.

As some may guess based off my username, I am also into Na'vi (I'm the same skxawng from and one of my pet peeves about cosplayers of Na'vi is that none of the ones I've met knew how to react when I hailed them nìNa'vi. My thoughts are if you're going to spend hours making a costume, you should also spend hours learning the character you're to become, otherwise, you're just playing dress-up.

So I'm intending this topic to be a progress log of both the Costume Creation, as well as a sort of Journal for learning Dothraki.  Unfortunately I don't have nearly enough time to become conversational in Dothraki - I'm barely maintaining what I know about Na'vi at this point, but I do want to get to the point of understanding if someone said a basic phrase to me, I want to get pronunciation down, and have a modest repository of phrases/responses memorized that I can respond with. If anyone has suggestions for this don't hold back!! Remember though, I'll be in the persona of Kahl Drogo, so they should be appropriate to him.

Basic Phrases to Learn:


Insults / Dismissals
“Go find somewhere else to stick your cock”


Questions (mocking)

Questions (curious)
“You’re speaking truthfully?”

“How are you today?”

“Will I see you again”


“You’re wrong”

“I disagree”

"I am feeling good/well today"



Artistically speaking, I’m going to need to learn how to Work Leather, from selection to cutting to dying and construction.  I’m also going to need to learn how to make a mold with silicone, and cast in resin.  Having a good deal of ceramic knowledge, I’m confident in my sculptural and molding abilities, and I’m very much looking forward to learning all of these things.

Things to Create:

Leather Girdle: 7% complete
- Pattern for Leather created,
- fitted to my body.
- Cardboard template also created.
- Leather type/weight decided upon
To do:
- Figure out sq/feet of leather needed
- Purchase Leather
- Cut Leather into Pattern
- Punch stitch holes
- Dye
- treat leather to be soft and worked/used feeling.
- Stitch designs
- Put together!

Progress: 0% complete
To Do:
- Measurements
- Determine Pattern for Left/Right arm
- Figure out leather type/weight
- Figure out how much of each type is needed
- Cut Leather to template
- Weave, combine, fit, fix.

Wedding Belt of Horse Medallions
Progress: 5% complete
- Figure out Sizing for primary medallion
- Figure out Patterning for relief
- Purchase non-Sulphurous Clay
To Do:
- Carve relief of Medallion
- Carve relief for intermediary beads
- Make silicon mold
- Cast intermediary bead, test chrome spray. Determine if cold casting or chrome spray yields best results
- Test shoepolish patina
- Once surface has been determined, make Silicon mold for medallion
- Cast 8 times in resin

Short Buffalo Horn Knives:

Progress: 0% complete
To Do:
- Design blade
- Print Pattern
- Carve Blades from wood
- weight with lead fishing weights
- Carve hilt from wood
- Sculpt handles in clay
- Combine
- Coat blade in resin
- Sand to finish/smoothness
- Make Silicon Mold
- Cast in resin, twice
- Paint
- Clear Coat

Progress: 0% complete
To do:
- Figure out how much hide is needed, what the wedding version is made of/how its composed
- Purchase necessary supplies
- cut, figure out how to wear
- Cut strips, attach feathers


Progress: 0% complete
To Do:
- Figure out design
- Determine Wood to use
- Purchase Wood
- Cut to shape, glue together
- Shape blade
- Imbed blade with fishing weights.
- Carve hilt in clay
- Fit blade to Hilt
- Make Silicone Mold for Hilt (2-part)
- Cast Hilt in Dyed Resin,
- Set hilt into blade
- Coat blade with resin
- Sand blade smooth
- Paint Arakh
- Weather
- Finishing touches

Hair/Beard Beads / Extras.

Progress: 0% complete

To Do:
- Figure out list.

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