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Title: My personal Dothraki script
Post by: Khal_Qana on August 03, 2016, 12:12:02 pm
Ok, for this post I'm going to delve into a personal script that I use to write in Dothraki. It's a latin based script, but with many different and borrowed symbols for convenience. It's heavily inspired by the script Qvaak made, but with what I consider improvements to the overall design.

Aa [a]
Cc [k] - Personally, I hate the letter k (so did Tolkien, the Roman scribe Quintillian, and the Nords). I think it's a gross, blocky letter that can easily be replaced by the superior letter C ;)
Dd [d]
Ee [e]
Ff [f]
Gg [g]
Hh [h]
Xx [ x ]
Ii [ i ]
Jj [dƷ] - I left J to act as the affricate because Qvaak's affricate (the ezh with the dot diacritic) can be confused for the regular ezh
Ll [l]
Mm [m]
Nn [n]
Oo [ o ]
Qq [q]
Rr [r]
Ss [ s ]
Tt [t]
Tʃ tʃ [tʃ]
Þþ [θ] - I think the thorn fits better and looks more unique than the eth
Σʃ [ʃ]
Vv [v]
Ww [w]
Yy [j] - I also don't like the letter Y, but since I don't have any other options to make that sound I guess I'm stuck with it
Zz [z]
Ʒʒ [ʒ]

Here are a few example sentences in my script:

M'athchomaroon! Hash yer dothrae chek, okeosi anni?
M'aþtʃomaroon! Haʃ yer doþrae tʃec, oceosi anni?

Anha tih krazaajaan, m'anha tih maf.
Anha tih crazaajaan, m'anha tih maf

I'm currently writing out the Dothraki dictionary in a notebook so I can memorize as many words as possible and hopefully gain total fluency withing the next few years or so, and I've decided to write in in my own script in order to better memorize it. I hope at least a few of you like it and maybe start using it  :)
Title: Re: My personal Dothraki script
Post by: Hrakkar on August 04, 2016, 01:14:51 pm
And there are a bunch of words I need to add to the dictionary. I've been tied up with three big projects this summer that have left me precious little time to work on it. Plus, we almost never have 'rainy days' here ;)
Title: Re: My personal Dothraki script
Post by: Khal_Qana on August 05, 2016, 10:51:27 am
I would be more than happy to help if you need it. Up north we got plenty of those rainy days you've been talking about