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Introductions / M'athchomaroon, zhey eyak :D Anha MahrazhVoj
« on: April 12, 2016, 10:22:03 am »
Yes, I did seriously call myself ManPerson.

Hi, I'm Loran, or MahrazhVoj. I've been studying Dothraki for about two weeks now and I'm getting quite skilled. My main problem is just that many words aren't coined yet. I hope it will soon expand. Can someone tell me if the Valyrian vocabulary is larger? If so, I'll get some work done on learning that, so I'll have learnt a language which I can actually speak.

Dothraki is great though. I hope to be able to learn more, maybe some people are interested in teaching me some of the more advanced rules, which I might have missed.

I've recently made a little quiz on QuizUp about Dothraki, since we were playing around with that at school, I hope some people will be able to add some good questions. Mostly trivia and idioms, but vocabulary and grammar is also fine if it's not some impossible question. I've been trying to keep them guessable and all the vocab questions are beginner words. It's not very educative, just for fun. (Edit: I just saw that I need your username to give you access to the question editing)

Last, what's going on in this community? I like to be part of all the interesting discussions :))

Dothras chek,

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