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This thread will be used as an archive for all the words I make for Amikumu.  Each day that I make a new word, I will add it to this thread so that we can add them to the dictionary later.


Password n —Asodin (word pass)
Week na —Fekhashekh (seven day)
Abuse n —Melesitteya (bad bragging)
Contact (information) ni —Frakhonesa (touch information)
Advanced adj —Vishven (Forehead-like)
Possibility n —Athdevar (able in nominative form)
Age ni —Athfozar (old in nominative form)
Profile na — Khadoqem (cloth body. Meant to convey the meaning of presenting a personal, but not entirely authentic, version of yourself)
Behavior n — Okki (from the root "choose". Means something like "choice")
Internet na — Qosarreya (web. shortened from the euphemism "the human's web")
Near adj — Qis
Voice message ni — Assomemikh (sound word)
Term n — Kelenakh (the final decision)
Condition/Agreement/Deal/Joint decision n — Niyanqooqo (choose together. the [oq] at the end is actually an allomorph of [ok]. Also sounds similar to "heart beating together")
Public adj — Yanqache (collective environment)
Public n — Athyanqachar
University n — Eziversharra (continuously traditional/ancient learning. Meant to sound similar to the actual word University)
Association n — Athsillazar (a following)
Distant adj — Hezhah
Distance n — Athhezhahar
E- prfx — Q-
Detail n — Sachia (a little piece)
List n — Zafranrisa (slave line. Comes from the Dothraki making sure that all the slaves they give to the trade-cities are all together)
Account n — Sansalir (derives from "san")
Change n — Esinasa
Translate dtr all. — Yomloshat (across carrying. this along with the allative case makes the meaning become "carrying the language to another language")
Biography n — Hoyalathira (life song)
Safety n — Asanda
Anyone na — Loyak
Fortune, Destiny na — Hlosha (compund of hatif "forward" and losh "carry")
Fortunate adj — Hloshven
Interface n — Kashatif (amongst the face)
Middle part/ Intermediate/ Center n — Emmeya (Meronymic of "mra")
Current adj — Vekh
Native adj — Esifas
Register v int — Savezalat
Reason (explanation) n — Elze
Female/Femininity n — Athchiorizar
Male/Masculinity n — Athmahrazhar
Description n — Zohasta
Everything ni — Evekh
Blocked adj — Najaz

More on the way!

Polyglot n — Sanlekh
Conference n — Shilisir
File na — Neseser
Value n — Athmasar
Camera na — Renenohha (derived from "renrenoh")
Plan, scedule, season, segment of time — Ka
Plan v — Kasolat
Displayed name/ Stage name/ Avatar na— Hakesshie
Decisions/ Rules/ Policy n — Athkelenar
Privacy n — Athsavidosar
Consent n — Okkeya

This is going to be all for tonight


Solidify vtr — Acchongolat (in the context of the app, it means 'confirm')
Use v — Davarat (derived from the word 'davra')
Connect/ Conjoin vtr. — Akkemolat (This is used when you, as an outside party, are making a connection between two or more different things)
Experience n — Kalen (derived from 'kelen')
Experience v — Kalenat
Gain Experience v — Kalenolat
Give Experience/ Advise vtr — Akkalenat
Service n — Zafrakh
Invisible adj — Chafven (wind like)
Invisibility n — Athchafvenar
Visible adj — Echafvena
Visibility n — Athechafvenazar
Choice n — Okkakh
Telephone n — Memhezhah
Cellphone n — Memhezhah ovray
Can(2) v aux — Lazem (combination of 'laz' and 'nem'. Used in the context 'mori lazem atiha' or 'they can be seen')

Tanget explanation:

In the app, you may come across a very difficult sentence that you won't be able to piece together unless you have a very indepth knowledge of Dothraki, so I figured I'd just give the translation here. The sentence in question is "Voji astoy lazem vo tiha ka'shafka chafven", which means "Speaking people cannot be seen while you are invisible", or in the English version from the app "The nearby speakers can’t be seen while you are set to invisible.  It's probably the most beautiful sentence I've had the pleasure of translating so far, and I'd hate to see it go unnoticed or avoided by new speakers.

Version n — Esinakh (result of change)
Paradigm Shift n — Esinneya (a piece of change)
Modify v — Esinasilat (a little change)
Type v — Namovat (derived from 'move')
Typing n — Namov
Add/ Take in v — Qorolat (derived from 'qora')
Knot n — Liwo(1) (derived from 'liwalat')
Link n — Liwo(2)
Solid n — Nachonge (derived from 'chonga')
Solid adj — Chonge
Iceland prop n — Rhaesheserejesh (land of ice)
Audio n — memikh (result of sound)
Copy n — Savo (derived from 'save')
Repeat v — Savat
Copy v — Savolat
Another person n — Eshnak
Video n — Tihivithikh (the result of flowing sight)
Must be v aux — Ethem (One must be selected; Ato'them okka)
Exclusivity n — Athdissezar
Server n — Idrik

More later


Option/ Choice n — Athokkar
To press v — Kaffolat (continuous crushing)
Setting n — Athazzohar (nominal form of 'placement')
Access n — Fiechamrah
To access v — Fiechamat
Number n — Yannqeya (part of/relation to a collection)
Broadcast n — Kadevah (wide net)
To broadcast v — Kadevat
Poland propernoun — Ramarhaesh (Land land)
To call/ To summon v — Donolat
Call n — Dono
Dial/ Compass n — Fireshekh (circle of the sun)
To dial v — fireshekhat
Messenger n — Assak
Text n — Tekse
To text v — Teksat
To text (someone) vtr — Atteksat
Nibble n — Osti
To nibble v — Ostilat
To nibble (something) vtr — Osstilat
To browse v — Ostilat (2)
Browser n — Ostik
To open v — Ovrat
To become open v — Ovrolat
To open (something) vtr — Ovvralat
To make something become open vtr — Ovvrolat
Billion n — Akior (Akat+yor)
Trillion n — Senior (Sen + yor)
Byte n — Lay (derived from 'bit')
KB n — Dalenlay (thousand byte)
MB n — Layof (great byte)
GB n — Akioray (billion byte)
TB n — Senioray (trillion byte)
Bug/ Issue n — Athzireyeser
Feedback n — Savadakhi (feed again)
Null adj — Voloy (Vo + loy)
To be null v — Volat
To become null v — Vololat
To make something null vtr — Avvolat
Key n — Gaccheya (relating to a solution)
Tube/ Pipe/ Cane/ Reed n — Zhanna (derived from 'zhani' and Latin root 'canna')
Canal/ Channel/ Tunnel n — Zhannakh
Refresh v — Vichosherat
To make something attach vtr — Affenat
To become attached v — Fenolat
Attachment n — Athfenar
Connection n — Athakkemar
Can Still v aux — Lazin (You can still go = Yer lazin eli)
Are Already v aux — Nemray (You are already burned = Yer nemray virsae)
Contact na — Frakhonesak
To make sounds with your voice v — Estat (derived from ast-)
To vocalize — Estolat
Vocal adj — Este
Voice n — Estikh
Vocalization n — Athestar
Download n — Mozgohhe (from 'load' [mosk-] and 'downwards' [-zoh]. the /sk/ cluster becomes voiced in the presence of the /z/, creating the [zg] allophone)
To download v — Mozgohat
To become downloaded v — Mozgoholat
To download something vtr — Ammozgohat
Cookie/ Cash (in terms of computers) n — Mozgohhekh
Data n — Mozgohheya
Disclaim v — Edonasat
Disclaimer n — Edonasak
Community n — Zhillisir (a collection of the common people)

This is all for today. Later on I'm going to make a comment in other threads with all the words I currently have as an official proposition to the community to add them to the dictionary.


More words!

Jonat vint — To shut, close
Jonolat v — To become shut, to become enclosed
Ajjonat vtr — To shut something
Ajjonolat vtr — To make something become shut, to make something become closed
Kemilat v — to include
k'Athkemizari adv — "Includingly"
Kidilat v — To measure (loan word from High Valyrian)
Athkidizar n — measurement
Kiddiya  — Calculation, computation, logical reasoning
Vikidirat v — To calculate, compute
Kidigache n — dimension
Ethkis v aux — must try to. (used in the context "Shafka'thkis feni save"/"You have to try again")
Lirilekh ni — Letter/number/symbol/glyph/graph; "little language picture"
Acchale adv — At least one, greater than or equal to one (at+che+ale = one or more) "Choose at least one sword"/"Okki arakh acchale"
Yanqak na — Participant
Athhajmenar n — strengthlessness
Athhajar n — strength, status

And that concludes the first round of translation/editing for the Amikumu app!  So far, we have a decently translated language app (certainly not close to perfect though) with a whole bunch of new terms that can only be found on this thread in the forum. My plan is to further edit the translations until they're perfect, make a glossary for the app with all the terms made for Amikumu on it, and then get involved in the advertisement of the launch.  I'll keep you guys updated on what happens!


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