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M'ath, eyak! [Last Updated: 02/20/2016]

I started this translation project a couple of months ago as a practice exercise to better my understanding of the Dothraki language. This was a continuation of my translation of the lord's prayer into Dothraki, and I thought it a good choice, as the lack of modern technological vocabulary in the text and that the ancient Hebrews started out as a nomadic people (albeit not horse-riding ones), would make a good text for translation into Dothraki. I'm posting it here in case anyone is interested in contributing to it, in providing  corrections and/suggestions, or simply having a look. I've provided my sources various documents explained below:

My main source is the Newly Revised Standard Version translation of the Bible (the best English translation in my opinion). I am using a Hebrew interlinear Bible to try and create a translation as close to the original in essence as possible and the Latin Vulgate translation as a third point of comparison. All of which I will link bellow.



Dothraki Bible: The document where I do the translations, it is split into four columns:
            1st column: the verse number of each row
            2nd column: the Newly Revised Standard Version in English
            3rd column: the Dothraki translation
            4rd colum: an English gloss of the Dothraki text

            Yellow: new word derived from other word(s) and derivational affix(es)
            Green: uncertain grammatical construction or vocabulary usage
            Red: lack of proper grammatical construction or vocabulary

Timvir Vichomer Vojjori: This is the Dothraki-only text with the same highlights as the comparative text.

Bible Vocabulary: A list of words in three different sheets:
            Sheet 1- Derived: Words I derived from other Dothraki words with their definition, derivation, and citations
            Sheet 2 - Missing: Words missing in the Dothraki lexicon that the text requires with their citations
            Sheet 3 - Grammar: List o certain grammatical constructions lacking in my understanding of Dothraki, my guess, and their citations

Hebrew Names: The Dothraki translation derives the names of people and place from Biblical Hebrew, not English. e.g. Eve in not Eve or Eva, but Hawwah from Biblical Hebrew חַוָּה - ħawwāh. I have also provided more English-looking forms here for those who prefer them. the document contains 4 different sheets:
            Sheet 1 - Phones: the corresponding phonemes of Hebrew and Dothraki
                  Column A: hebrew letter
                  Column B: IPA symbol(s)
                  Column C: Corresponding Dothraki phoneme(s)
            Sheet 2 - Names: Names of People in the Bible
                  Column A: English name
                  Column B: Biblical Hebrew name
                  Column C: Transliteration of Biblical Hebrew name
                  Column D: Dothraki name derived from Hebrew name
                  Column E: Dothraki name derived from English and/or Latin name
                  Column F: Meaning, etymology, or folk etymology if any of Hebrew name
            Sheet 3 - Places: Names of places named in the Bible; columns same as sheet 2
            Sheet 4 - Misc.: Any other names or words for things listed in the Bible; columns same as sheet 2

My main goal is to translate Genesis and maybe Exodus; beyond that we'll have to see. I only work on it sporadically, line-by-line when I have time, so progress may be inconsistent; still, I'll try to update the texts with any additions, corrections, or alterations weekly on Saturday or Sunday, with a short post on what edits where made.

Hajas! Vatterates yeri vezorat lekhes Dothraki ma allayafates me yeri sekke!

All downloaded and ready to go! Btw which owl is that? I have the esperanto one  ;D


--- Quote from: Choyosor on December 04, 2016, 08:41:48 pm ---All downloaded and ready to go! Btw which owl is that? I have the esperanto one  ;D

--- End quote ---

Awesome! The red one is a Roman owl with SPQR on it for Latin. I made it myself! Latin was the first foreign language I seriously started learning (technically the first was high school french, but I wasn't as invested in the language then and very little stuck). Lingua Latina est mater novercaque mearum linguarum nativarum et igitur est meus tertius amor post linguam hispanicam linguamque anglicam. - Latin is the mother and adoptive mother of my native languages and is therefore my third love after Spanish and English.


Finals are over for me and winter break is here at last! That means two-ish months of free time to translate! I already did some serious work this Friday and Saturday to celebrate.

Dothraki Bible:
      I added a last updated date to the top and edited by in the header. I also made a lot of minor edits and few major edits, more below.

Timvir Vichomer Vojjori: I added a title page with translation by, edited by, and last updated date. I will also add any contributers and fellow translators here in the future.

Bible Vocabulary: A list of words I made up and words I need for tranlating. Read more about it on the main post.

Hebrew Names: A list of names of people, places, and things in the Bible I transliterated from Biblical Hebrew. Read more about it on the main post.

Aside from translating Genesis 3 & 4, I also went back and made some minor corrections to Gen. 1& 2 and found a system for documenting any newly derived words, any words lacking in the Dothraki lexicon for translation, and highlighting any issues in translation. Normally I would post any edits made to the text and their citation directly to the forum, but since I had to go back and make changes to two full chapters, the list got rather long and I decided to just attach it as a doc. Most (but not all) of the changes were minor and systematic, so you're probably best off ignoring it and just using the updated doc with all the changes made; but just in case anyone wants the list, here it is. I promise the list of edits won't be so long in future posts!

Gaeeeeeezo, I totally feel you right now. I got my last two finals on Monday and Tuesday (which is the main reason why I've been AWOL on this forum) and I'm so pumped for my month off. Next weekend will be mostly devoted to the Dothraki by writing the first drafts of my Dothraki culture book, helping you with the bibble, and submitting my video application to italki.

Wish me luck!


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