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Introductions / Daenerys Targaryen Fan here. Halloween help!
« on: October 20, 2012, 08:47:18 am »
I'm new here but I've had this page open for about a few months never closing the tab. I decided to join today and then realized that Halloween is only a week away or so.

I found this forum very helpful. I am very new to learning Dothraki and I want to say some phrases that Khaleesi would say.

I am also going to create my own costume. I started with gradually dying my hair lighter and lighter. And I have lilac contacts.

I found an wonderful blog of phrases that a male Dothraki would say but found only a few that I would actually use.

I am going to be dressed as the Khaleesi so I want to have some good sentences a strong woman would say.

I follow the books (currently reading book 2)and the HBO series. I re-watched them all several times.

Anyone interested in helping?

Honestly this is the first thing I have ever geeked out on.  *blushes*

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