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plqaD Dothraki
« on: January 16, 2017, 03:22:35 pm »
Time for transliteration from conlang to conlang! Today I use the klingon alphabet and adapt it into to the sounds of Dothraki. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a decent online keyboard for plqaD, so the romanization will be used in place of the orthography.

a - A
ch - Ch
D - D
e - E
p - F
ng - G
H - H
I - I
j - J
q - K
H' - Kh
l - L
m - M
n - N
o - O
Q - Q
r - R
S - S
S' - Sh
t - T
tlh - Th
v - V
w - W
y - Y
gh - Z
gh'- Zh

Foot notes:
-p is used for the /f/ sound because the klingon p is actually a bilabial affricate and contains a similar /f/ sound at the end of it
-ng is used for the /g/ sound because both are voiced sounds produced from the velar region
-the ' is often used as a modifier of a symbol, and not necessarily the glottal stop itself (similar to yod used in the last transliteration, or h in english). It effects H, S, and gh, and makes the /kh/,/sh/, and /zh/ sounds
-tlh is used for the /th/ sound because both are represented with a "t" heading in their romanized forms
-gh is used for the /z/ sound for the sole reason of that they are both voiced fricatives


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