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Title: Song tidbit I composed in Dothraki
Post by: Khal_Qana on January 08, 2018, 04:56:53 pm
M'ath eyak!

I made a little 20 second diddy of a song written in the style I think the Dothraki would most likely develop in their culture.  It's heavily based in Mongolian Tuvan music, made with Eastern instruments and throat singing (something I spent an afternoon learning how to do so I could record this song), but has influences from Africa and the Steppe as a whole.

The lyrics so far go "Anha vo dothrok ma janoon che oqeti akka", which means "I do not ride with dogs nor next to sheep" and is supposed to be a song sung at night after a successful battle; something to flaunt the fact that you were victorious, but not something to rile you up and get you pumped.

I hope you enjoy!


This is an edit from hours later. I elaborated on the song some more and have a rough cut of what it's going to sound like