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    Thanks for the good words, and I am glad the Memrise course still works. I've played with it a little myself, but unfortunately do not have as much time these days for language learning as I would like. You may wish to try sending a PM to user Ifak and see if he/she responds.

The dictionary and wiki are also up to date, save 2 words. This is true, even though the dictionary is currently in 'Test mode'. I've had to turn my attention to urgent legislative matters, and digging an 80 foot long ditch on my property. By mid-June, I should be able to do some more work on these items.

You might also take a look at David Peterson's book on learning Dothraki. It is widely available. Use it with the online course for best results. Its a little different approach than Memrise, and I think, less confusing.

Hey Hrakkar, thanks for the reply. It looks like Ifak hasn't been on since last year, so I doubt they're visiting this forum anymore. The main gripe I have with Memrise is you have to use something else to learn things like grammar and pronunciation. However, for learning words, it's great. Thanks for the book on Dothraki; I think I'll order it soon.


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