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I said we might untangle this Dothra Ma Khalasaroon web page, so here's a start. There's text all around the pages, so help in finding all the text is needed.

Top field:
Dothra ma khalasaroon ~ Ride with the khalasar ~ Join the realm
Emra ~ Enter ~ Log in
Hash yer rayim kemi ma rhojosoroon? Emra vessinae mae. ~ Have you already joined the family? Enter to edit it. ~ Already have a house? Log in to edit.
  New word: essinalat, from known root esina

Front page:
Che move khir rhojosori zhorre shafki che okki khir haji vilajerosh adori ~ create your own family flag or choose flag from Game of Thrones. ~ Create your own family arms or choose one from the show.
  It might be worth a notion that "your own x" seems to translate very straightforwardly. I've had some trouble to *get* the tone of zhorre.
Ma avvathori mae, ma maji mae, ma ammasi hatifide zhonatha shafki ma khogaroon shekhikhi ~ Save it and share it and decorate your social profile with coverings of light. ~ Save it and save it and get graphics to customize your social profiles.
  New word: avvathorat, from known root ath
  New word: majat (or majilat), from unknown root (connection to ma or majin would be a bit bizarre). Seems to mean ~"to share".
  New word: hatifidi (last vowel may be off), from known roots hatif and ido. This seems ad hoc modern word meaning more or less "virtual face", and literally of course "wooden face"
  New word: zhonath (or zhonatha), from unknown root (seems to be a wink on someone named Jonathan). Seems to mean ~"social", though that might be severely off.
  khogar shekhikhi seems also like an ad hoc modern phrase for "graphics", but who knows. It's either rather imaginative or I'm just not reading it right.
Move rhojosores anni ~ Create my family ~ Create my house
Ti mae h'anhaan ~ Do it for me ~ Do it for me
(number) voji rhaesheseroon dothrae haji vilajerosh adori ~ (number) people of the world ride along Game of Thrones ~ (number) people are connected to Game of Thrones worldwide
Dothra ma lajasaroon ~ Ride with the army ~ Join the ranks

Bottom Field:
Athsandizar nesikhi ~ Safeness of the information ~ Privacy
  New word: athsandizar, from known root sandi
Assokh ~ Message/Instructions ~ Terms
Qisi HBO ~ About HBO ~ About HBO
2013 Home Box Office, Inc. qorasoe athehizar. Jin okre zanisshi'sh losha nesikh ha yaqlakea disse. ~ 2013 Home Box Office, Inc. Takes the rights. This shadow tent might have information just for adults. ~ 2013 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This website may contain adult content.
  New word: athehizar, from unknown root that seems to be ehi. Seems to mean ~"rights".
  New word: yaqlak, from unknown root that seems to be yaql(e?). Seems to mean ~"adult".
  okre zanisshi seems like another ad hoc modern phrase, meaning "website", but who knows. Again, it's either rather imaginative or I'm just not reading it right.
  In English text "All rights reserved" is IMO sentence at it's own rights, albeit incomplete, but the Dothraki version seems to use "2013 Home Box Office, Inc." as a subject.

Creation Page:
Okki ma liri shafki ma tihikh ma jor amovee khir rhojosori shafki. ~ Choose your text, scenery and icon(s) to create your family flag ~ Choose your text, background and icons to create your family arms
  New word: joro (the last vowel ascertained below), which seems to be a new root, though the root is probably used in vojjor. I thought vojjor was some old and perhaps irregular gemination derivation, but now it seems it's a proper compound and is likely missing the end vowel. Joro seems to mean ~"icon" or "idol" - perhaps even "achetype".
  It also seems David has done something with lir to shift it's meaning, perhaps make it animate and plural, perhaps diminutive, but it's hard to tell. The word should IMO be in accusative, and either way, that's no accusative.
Liri ma hakees ma awazof rhojosori shafki metorgas ~ Draw the name and war cry of your house below. ~ Enter your house name and words below.
  New word: awazof, from known root awaz. The meaning is rather foggy, though literally it of course means "great scream". "Awazof rhojosori" might be an ad hoc translation of "house motto" and awazof might not even have a fixed meaning in Dothraki proper.
  Lirat is a known word, but as per above, this might actually be lirilat.

Text Subsection
Liri ~ text ~ text
  Dunno. See above.
Okki che hakees rhojosori che awazof rhojosori fin vessinae shafki. ~ Choose family name or family motto which you'll edit. ~ Select house name or words to edit.
  Either I totally fell off the cart at the relative clause, or shafki should be shafka. Could be something interesting going on there of course.
Visshiya lirikhi [¤]ao [¤]dei ~ Text color [¤]dark [¤]light ~ Text color [¤]dark [¤]light
  With the difference between lir(i?) and lirikh, the mystery of the exact distictions deepens.
Gacheser rhojosori ~ Area of the family ~ House location
  New word: gacheser, from known root gache. With gache meaning "place, environs", it seems gacheser must be used to gain a wider sense of the area, "neigbourhood".

Background Subsection
Kelenikh ~ Pattern ~ Pattern
  New word: kelenikh, from known root kelen. This looks pretty straightforward, though maybe it's worth a notion that the "resultive" derivation is used, so there might be some simpler noun like kelenV, with a different meaning.
Visshiya ~ Color ~ Color
Sinneya ~ Border ~ Border
  New word: sinneya, from an unknown root that seems to be sin. Seems to mean ~"border", though there is certainly interpretational space there. We might be familiar with sin in sindarine or even in esina

Icons Subsection
Joro ~ icon(s) ~ icon
  This has been discussed above already
Haji Vilajerosh Adori ~ About Game of Thrones ~ Show
Rhoa ~ Animal(s) ~ Animals
Emmay ~ Entertaining ~ Fun
Thikhmithrin ~ Hobby ~ Hobbies
  This I remember from IRC discussion. A new compound derived from known words. Though the sense would be more "leisurely pursuit" than straight out "hobby", I think this too would fit well within the canon, and I think David expressed similar attitude, though he did not straight out canonize the word.
Os atthirari ~ Path of life ~ Lifestyle
Oskimi ha fozakoa ~ Yesteryears of the elders ~ Medieval
  Oskimi is a new word (plural of oskim, perhaps), and even though I'd like to see some relation to oskikh, the derivation would not follow any path we know of. "Medieval" is inevitably translated quite far off the mark, so the meaning is hard to guess. "Yesteryears" is just a random stab.
Vojjorosor ~ Religion ~ Religious
  New word: vojjorosor, from a known word vojjor. If this is a canon word (and the derivation is so active and straightforward that I think this almost inevitably is somewhat in existence), it probably means pretty much "pantheon", as I don't think Dothraki would consider different worships excluding the reality of one another's gods.
Venikh ~ Semblance(s) ~ Shapes
  That's pretty much non-existent shift in meaning from what we knew already.
Vilajerosh ~ Game(s) ~ Sports
Tekh ~ Techonogy ~ Technology
  This is a new word, and to me looks like a loan from English, so probably a big no on canonicity. It's pretty close to resultative derivation from tat, though, and while movelat would be more natural base on the word for "artifact", this is not terribly unlikely either.

The Picture
Rhojosor [hake shafki] ~ Family [your name] ~ House [your name]
Okki jor ~ Choose the icon ~ Add your icon
Awazof rhojosori ~ War cry of the house ~ Your house motto
  OK. The "war cry" translation feels silly already. Perhaps just "motto"?

(Supposedly) New House Mottoes
Osarthas, ochin, osamva ~ Unfallen, unbent, unbroken ~ Unbowed, unbent, unbroken
  All these words are kinda new, but osarthas and osamva are simply negatives from known adjectives, and as that's part of stable comparative system, it does not really count.
  But chin is a new word and a new root, and should mean something like "bent".
Az kishi hasi ~ Our blades are sharp ~ Our blades are sharp

Creation Page Continued
Ti mae h'anhaan ~ Do it for me ~ Do it for me
Evi save ~ Start again ~ Start over
Avvathori/Vatteri ~ Save/Continue ~ Save/Continue
  Avvathorat has already been discussed.

The Page for Automatically Created Sigil
Maji khir rhojosori shafki okeosea ei rhaesheseroon ~ Share the flag of your family with your friends from all the world ~ Share your family arms with friends around the world
  All the words are known or discussed above.
Okki hatifide zhonatha metorgas amajie lirikh zhorre shafki ~ Choose social profile below to share your own symbol(s) ~ Select a social profile below to share your custom graphics
  All the words are known or already discussed above. Note, however, that here lirikh is not used for "glyph", but simply for "graphics" - much closer to the original meaning.
Maji  Losholi  Asshili ~ Share  Download  Introduce ~ Share  Download  Invite
  Losholat should be derived from loshat, but if it's not an error, how the l got there is a mystery to me. A new word neverhteless, albeit not necessarily canon. [edit: turn out this is an error and should be just losho, from not-so-new word losholat - /-lat/ being just a suffix.]
Essina Jor ~ Edit the icon ~ Edit image

Prompt from "Dothra ma Lajasaroon" button
ajjoni - close - close
  New word: ajjonat, from a known root jon.
Tihi ma shilakikh sasha senak firesofoon ma alikh mr.Okroon Faysvoki haji Vilajerosh Adori - Watch new rumours of the third year and more inside the Tent of Facebook about the Game of Thrones
  OK. I'm totally lost on that syntax. Maybe I'm just tired, but right now it does not work for me. The ordinal is not working in any way I'd expect it to - might be even an error. The English version is so wastly different, and so close to the text after the second bullet (english having only one bullet), that this must be meant to go somewhere else.
  Faysvok (or, rather, Okre Faysvoki) is of course Dothrakified version of Facebook. Take it as a non-canon Dothraki word if you wish.
  Shilakikh is a new word, from a known root shil, and more relevanly from a word shilak, "a gossip, busybody". It's hard to guess, what that might exactly mean, perhaps "rumour".
Vasteri vojea ei raesheseroon mr'O - Converse with people from the whole world inside O
  This is probably the text that should be there, only interrupted in the middle of "Okre". English version goes "Join the conversation from around the world on the Global Game of Thrones Page".

Prompt from "Avvathori/Vatteri" button
ajjoni - close - close
Avvathori  che  Losholi - Save  or  Download - Save  or  Download
Ma avvathori khir rhojosori shafki amajie okeosea, ma ammasi hatifide zhonatha shafki ma essina mae mirges - Save the flag of your family to share with friends, decorate your social profile and edit it later - Save your family arms to share with friends, personalize your social profiles and edit it later
  Should mirges as "later" be taken as a word/meaning worthy of a place in a dictionary?
Losholi jpeg ha khiraan rhojosori shafki ma vitteri vessinae - Download a jpeg for your family flag and keep on editing - Download a JPEG of your family arms and return to editing
  Vitterat (well, yeah, I guess it could be vitterilat, but I consider that rather unlikely) is a new word (if not misspelled vatterat), which seems to come from ittelat - and also perhaps eventually from tat. We know already one word for "to return", and considering the probable background, I'm leaning towards "to persevere" or "to keep on doing".

Prompt from "Asshili" button
Anha dothrak movelatoon khir rhojosori anni haji Vilajerosh Adori haji HBO. Dothra ma khalasaroon ma move khir shafki ajjin: - I just created my family flag from Game of Thrones of HBO. Ride with the khalasar and create your flag now: - I just created my family arms for HBO's Game of Thrones. Join the Realm and create yours now:

Error Prompt
Nakhi - Quit
Ki vorsasi! Yer ray jado gachaan ojila. Essa osaan. - The Hell! You have arrived to a wrong place. Return to the path.
Itte save - test again
  I haven't seen the English version, but looks clear enough.

Seems like the site is over capacity which isn't helping.

BTW, I added a few new words from a quick glance at Davids dictionary in this video 'Game of Thrones': What To Expect in Season 3

A good catch. I watched the video just to pick up, where you got the words from, and still had to double back for a second look.

Edit: attached my ...erm... sigil. Mostly dada, as I'm not particulary cross-gender or anything. But then again, those are house sigils, not personal banners. Perhaps I'm just not the Qvaakest Qvaak in the house.

pink woman natarajasana, adorned with brown mustache, on the field of white and dark green, parted per bend sinister

OK. I've updated the original post and I think I'm done with this. If anyone finds more text or has comments on existing corpus. With all the new languages, I'm not sure if we should pursuit clarification or new word confirmations any time soon. Maybe a tweet or two would not be too much, eh? Dunno.


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