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Subvert the Haiku Contest!


Hehh. Not really ... well, maybe, kind of.

I was - and still am - quite proud of my last year's haikus, and thus I fear this year anything I do will feel as a cheap sequel. And I was thinking that some new angle, some inspiration, might be needed. And naturally I ended up thinking about renga tradition. It would be wonderful to try to create some sort of short renga. Perhaps with some of the theme tradition attached to it, perhaps fully westernized rengay, perhaps something in between.

These things are group efforts, though, so I need is two or three co-conspirators. I think this should be fun. Since these are forms of loosely (associatively) linked poetry, the "haikus" in them should stand at their own rights, so this should be an inspirational framework that yields haikus from all participants. Interested?

I guess I can join you.


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