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« on: January 20, 2012, 01:15:47 pm »
Am I correct in asuming ivezhofa is a new word? I can't seem to build it by inflecting existing words.
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Re: ivezhofa
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2012, 04:24:02 pm »
The meaning he uses for ivezhofa is fierce. It seems like it's an augmentative of ivezho which means beast so ivezhof would then mean great beast but it seems it also means fierce as an adjective. The -a seems to come from using it as a verb (3rd person sing. of ivezhofat ="to be fierce").
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Re: ivezhofa
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2012, 10:14:25 pm »
Even more, though ivezhofat is a new word, we already had ivezhofolat, the dynamic version.
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