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Not all the interesting things make good blog post topics. Still they might be worth asking and, consequently, worth bringing up in a blog posts. Nothing is too insignificant for Small Questions thread.

Keep lengthy discussions on the other threads, please; this is a clean & simple questions thread. Also, if you think your peers (eg. me or ingsve) will probably already know the answers, you might ask your questions first at the beginners section or visit the IRC channel, and if our limited knowledge does not satisfy, then ask here.

My small question is are there different greetings for different times of the day? Would there be a difference between greeting someone let's say in your family in the morning versus someone on the road?:)

Another tiny question - the word for "market". I didn't see it in the dictionary and there should be a word since they go to the Western Market in Vaes Dothrak.  :)

(Yes, it's all about shopping! I mean er trading!  :P  )

Is there a word or phrase for, "I miss you"? :)

Since according to the books, "me nem nessa" that the Dothraki pray to a horse god. What is the verb "to pray"? :)


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