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Dothraki Language Updates / Re: HBO Dothraki Pronunciation
« on: January 10, 2012, 05:52:39 am »
I was also pretty disappointed at many of the pronunciations (do they have to call it "official"...?), but I presume it's just what the Westerosi-speaking man from the street might make of these names.

I'm assuming the Westerosi speak "Sept Valyrian" at best, comparable to the mangled "Church Latin" spoken long after the extinction of spoken Classical Latin. In my mind, Daenerys is pronounced [deɪ'nɛɹɪs] or even [də'nɛɹɪs] in Sept Valyrian, but [daɪ'nɛ:ɾys] in High Valyrian coming from an older [daɪ'nɛ:ɾus]. I realize I'm heavily leaning on the analogy of Ancient Greek phonology, but I think that's pretty much the flavor that GRRM was trying to convey.

I noticed some youngsters, like Jon, pronounce the ae in Maester or Aemon as [eɪ], whereas I remember Maester Aemon rendering Maekar as [maɪkɑ:]. I would assume that Aemon, being an ancient Targaryen, preserves an older and truer pronunciation of the Valyrian names than the newer generations.

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