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Beginners / Re: Why learn Valyrian?
« on: April 25, 2016, 08:07:29 pm »
Are you an old-ish person? Around your middle ages? I ask because that is a very beautiful philosophy that I do not follow often. You take your time with language, and that patients is something I find respectful. For me, however, I have plans with my languages; I am rather young, and I am spending a lot of my time, pushing myself harder and harder, to become bilingual. The biological threshold of fluency is becoming smaller and smaller for me and I need languages that are quick, efficient, and lack in inconsistency. I've given up on natural language for now and I hope that if I gain fluency in either Esperanto or Dothraki before I first have kids of my own, I'll have that foot-in-the-door (so to speak) for learning natlangs. For me, it's all about cranking out fluency, as well as having fun with the language of my choice in the same way you described. I can see why you would want to learn such a language now.  :)

Fonas chek, okeosi sash anni


I just saw your account about a minute a minute after posting this and saw that you're only a year older than me. Whoops. What I said still holds true, though, only my perspective changes.

HBO: Game of Thrones / Re: Hooray! Dialouge!
« on: April 24, 2016, 08:22:01 pm »
Things that I noticed:

-new slang word for either pussy, or pussy hair
-one of the actors said the allative suffix like ān rather than the proper aán
-I understood the majority of what they said! I did my best not to look at the subtitles and I got the general idea. That's a first for me   ;D

HBO: Game of Thrones / Hooray! Dialouge!
« on: April 24, 2016, 08:15:15 pm »
Finally! Some fresh Dothraki from the show! Discuss about it in this thread...

this may be very, very late but I'll do it out of interest:

San firesofosor esinaso negwin, vosma mori laini ayyey.

Dothraki Language Updates / New dialouge for season six!
« on: April 22, 2016, 11:06:12 pm »
I'm so psyched for the new dothraki scenes in season six. Maybe. . . DJP might want to. . .tell us what they will say?  ;)

HBO: Game of Thrones / Who has plans for Sunday?
« on: April 22, 2016, 11:02:34 pm »
I'm going to be watching the premier of season 6 with my girlfriend on the 24th. What are ya'll doing? Party? Small get together? Bank robbery?

A Song of Ice and Fire / Where to begin?
« on: April 22, 2016, 10:59:47 pm »
I'm currently reading the World of Ice and Fire book and I'm wondering if this is a good idea? Should I start with the loore and go into the books or should I start with the books and go into the lore?

General Discussion / My rendition on The Blade Writing
« on: April 22, 2016, 09:17:24 pm »
I decided to modify DJP blade writing into a standarized form for dothraki.

General Discussion / Zhongwen Dothraki
« on: April 22, 2016, 07:02:20 pm »
For this writing system, all you do is word for word transliterate dothraki into chinese characters. In order to translate affixes, you transliterate words corresponding to the suffix and attatch it to the root word. Like so:

Tense affixes

plural past tense, negative past tense /-(i)sh or -(o)sh/

first person singular present, negative present /-(a)k or -(o)k/

first person plural present, negative present /-(a)ki or -(o)ki/

second&third person singular&plural present tense, negative present tense /-e, -i, -a or -o/

future tense prefix, negative future tense prefix /v-, a- or o-/


Nominative - none
Accusative - 宾//宾复
Genitive -
Allative - 往//往复
Ablative - 从//从复
plural -
that conjunction -
pronominal preposition -

Derivational morphologies
Durative -
Negative - 相反
Pejorative -
'Covered in' -
Nominalization - 名词
Agentive -
Diminutive -
Augmentative -
Collective -
Resultive -
Meronymic - 关系
Similative -
Caritive - 不在


M'athchomaroon. Hash yer dothrae chek, okeosi anni?
同 名词尊敬从. 是  您 骑其做  好,  友有  我有?

Anha tih krazaajaan, m'anha tih maf.
我  看  山往,  和  我  看  羔.

disclaimer: I do not know Zhongwen, all I did was google translate meanings of words so I have know Idea if I got any of the symbols right. If you know Chinese, feel free to PM me and I will be more than happy to fix the mistakes.

General Discussion / Hiragana Dothraki
« on: April 22, 2016, 04:11:31 pm »
I continue my quest to find a writing system that would best fit the language of the feared horsemen of essos. So far, Cyrillic has appeared to be the best system, and Devanagari being the least (not to insult those who speak Hindi. It's not you, it's me). Today, I look at hiragana.

あ - A    い - I    え - E    お - O
か - Ka  き - Ki   け - Ke  こ - Ko  っ - geminate
さ - Sa  し - Si   せ - Se  そ - So  ん - N
た - Ta  ち - Ti   て - Te  と - To    。 - pause symbol
な - Na  に - Ni   ね - Ne  の - No   、 - hardening symbol
は - Ha  ひ - Hi   へ - He  ほ - Ho
ま - Ma  み - Mi  め - Me  も - Mo
や - Ya  り - Ri   れ - Re  よ - Yo
ら - Ra  ぎ - Gi  げ - Ge  ろ - Ro
わ - Wa じ - Zi   ぜ - Ze  を - Wo
が - Ga  ぢ - Di   で - De  ご - Go
ざ - Za  び - Vi  べ - Ve   ぞ - Zo
だ - Da  ぴ - Fi  ぺ - Fe   ど - Do
ば - Va  ゐ - Wi ゑ - We  ぼ - Vo
ぱ - Fa  す - Yi  ゆ - Ye   ぽ - Fo

Notes on modification:    *Oh boy is there a lot to fix. I may or may not have thought this through totally  ;D*

-first off, I standarized all the hiragana outliers in all the constonants for I symbols. No Shi's or Chi's or Zhi's sticking out where they're not supposed to.

-second, I changed the period into a general pause sign (essentially a period and a comma rolled into one) and the comma into a hardening sign (same as cyrillic)

-third, I got rid of all the U syllables and added the old-hiragana We and Wi symbols for consistency.

-fourth, I changed all B syllables into V-type syllables and P syllables into F-type syllables in order to match up with dothraki

-fifth, I took the hiragana SU and YU and made them the YI and YE symbols for consistency.

How I use the 'hardening' symbol:

This takes a symbol and modifies it into another sound, much like how the does this already in hiragana.
Here are all the other sounds that the hardening symbol makes in order to get the entire phonology of dothraki:

か (Ka)-becomes- か、(Cha)
さ (Sa)-becomes- さ、(Sha)
た (Ta)-becomes- た、(Tha)
は (Ha)-becomes- は、(Kha)
ら (Ra)-becomes- ら、(La)
ざ (Za)-becomes- ざ、(Zha)
が (Ga)-becomes- が、(Ja)

and so forth with the other syllables.

The geminate and the stand alone N

the geminate mark will not function the way it's supposed to. Normally, It extends the constonant sound in a symbol like so:
かっ - Kka
However, I will use it to indicate that the constonant is standing independent from a vowel, like so:
かっ - K

the stand alone N is exactly what it sounds like. it's an N sound that is not attatched to any vowel.

Example sentences:

M'athchomaroon. Hash yer dothrae chek, okeosi anni?
まっあた、っこ、まろおん。はさっ ゆれっ どと、っらえ け、かっ。おけおし あんに?

Anha tih krazaajaan, m'anha tih maf.
あんは ちひっ かっらざあが、あん。ま あんは ちひっ まぱっ

Disclaimer: a lot of what I have done has heavily modified hiragana to favor dothraki. Anyone who can read regular hiragana would not know what you are talking about.

David's Dothraki blog / Re: haikus n' stuff
« on: April 21, 2016, 12:19:15 pm »
She sindarinekh!
Ajjalan ohazhoe
Aqqisi arakh

Upon the left side!
Tonight grows heavy
Keep near the sword

Beginners / Why learn Valyrian?
« on: April 21, 2016, 12:13:05 pm »
It seems so cluttered, complicated and small to ever be practical in any way. This could just be me, being ignorant and insensitive, but I see no use outside of dialouge in the TV show. Am I missing something?

No matter which answer you choose, I won't judge  :D

General Discussion / Devanagari Dothraki
« on: April 21, 2016, 11:31:26 am »
I got bored quickly so I just did the Devanagari script by myself:

अ ा - A
छ - Ch
द - D
ए े - E
फ़ - F
ग - G
ह ः - H
ज - J
इ ि - I
ज - J
क - K
ख़ - Kh
ल - L
म ँ - M
न ं - N
ओ ो - O
क़ - Q
र ृ - R
स - S
श - Sh
त - T
थ - Th
व - V
ब - W
य - Y
ज़ - Z
झ - Zh

Some notes on the characters:

- This is actually the Devanagari B sound, because the writing has no sound for W and no way to change a constonant with diacritics that would alter the sound. So, I just took the B and made it the W.


M'athchomaroon, okeosi anni. Hash yer dothrae chek?
मऽअथछोमरोओं ओकेओसि अणणि। हश येृ दोथृ छे क्

Anha tih krazaajaan, m'anha tih maf.
अंह तिः क्रज़ाजान म अंह तिः मफ़्

I don't like this one very much. It looks fantastic and the look definitely fits dothraki. Unfortunately, Devanagari really needs to be forced into awkward places in order to work.

General Discussion / Cyrillic Dothraki
« on: April 21, 2016, 08:21:55 am »
M'ath, vojosor Dothraki!

Recently, I've taken to using Dothraki in different writing systems in order to get a feel of foreigness to this language, without breaking the canon rules of dothraki and making a system specifically for the language, and I've taken a great liking to Cyrillic in my search for a written language. I'd just like to share with you all exactly what symbols I use to transliterate.

Аа - A
Чч - Ch
Дд - D
Ээ - E
Фф - F
Гг - G
Хх - H
Ии - I
ЖЪжъ - J
Кк - K
ХЪхъ - Kh
Лл - L
Мм - M
Нн - N
Оо - O
КЪкъ - Q
Рр - R
Сс - S
Шш - Sh
Тт - T
Цц - Th
Вв - V
ВЫвы - W
Йй - Y
Зз - Z
Жж - Zh

Some notes on symbol usage:

Э - closest thing in the cyrillic alphabet I could get to the dothraki E sound
ЖЪ - this is the Zh sound with the hardening symbol next to it, making it the Dothraki J.
ХЪ - this is the H sound with the hardening symbol, making it the Dothraki Kh. DJP didn't make a distinction between the Kh and H sound when he transliterated dothraki into cyrillic, but I found the Kh sound too important to muddle together with the H sound.
КЪ - once again I use the hardening symbol next to the K sound, making it the Q sound.
ВЫ - closest thing I could find in the russian-cyrillic alphabet that comes close the the W sound. This is the V sound with the softening symbol beside it, which adds a slight Y to the end of the sound. Thus making this symbol sound sort of like a "Vyh" sound, which is close enough for me.

Example sentences

M'athchomaroon, okeo anni. Hash yer dothrae chek?
М'ацчомароон, окэо анни. Хаш йэр доцраэ чэк?

Anha tih krazaajaan, m'anha tih maf.
Анха тих кразаажъаан, м'анха тих маф.

I hope to be able to transliterate an abugida soon if anyone is interested in helping with that.

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