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General Discussion / Dothraki Facebook
« on: March 22, 2012, 02:13:43 am »
New community project! :D

This will put a lot of your Facebook text from English into Dothraki (once it is translated). It works by just pasting over the stuff using Javascript, and not by using an API or the Facebook translators bench. In essence, this is much quicker, easier, and glitchy. This script is also being developed for the Na'vi community (as well as for other, real language communities, actually, but I'm not connected to those).
The File

Dothraki Facebook

I did not create this. Neskie Manuel did originally, and then Kevin Scannell pointed it out on a list I follow, and I downloaded Neskie's old code. I wish I could take credit, but I can't. However, I do hope to improve the code if I can. I did do most of the Na'vi translations, but that doesn't really matter here, does it? :P

This thing is super-beta. It's very iffy in places, and it doesn't work for everything. BUT it works for some things, and I think we can get the rest going, I hope. What's important is that if you know JS, get in touch. I am going to keep all of the code in the dedicated github, along with the Na'vi stuff. PM me if you want push/pull access. If you don't know JS, but know Dothraki: post translations below, or join the Git if you want to post them directly.

If you download and use it, let me know! Post here. Please. It'll be good to know how many people are actually using this thing.

Installation Directions

(Directions lifted from here)

So far this only works on computers where you can download and install a little Greasemonkey file. It won't work on mobiles etc.

1. Make sure your Facebook account's language is set to "English (UK)". (To check, go to the down arrow in the top right hand corner, then "Account Settings" and then "Language")

2. What Internet Browser do you use? So far, I only know how to make this work on Firefox and Google Chrome. If you don't have these browsers, then you can download them very quickly and easily here.  If/when you have Google Chrome, you can go straight to Step 3.

If you use Firefox for your Internet browser, then go here and install the "add-on". Then go to Step 3.

3. Follow the link above and click "install" in the top right hand corner. You might need to close the browser and re-open it, but basically that's all there is to it. Your FB should now have whatever Dothraki translations we've done.

Current Translations (May not be as up-to-date as the code itself)

Green is for words which have been translated and (should) work.
Red is for English words to translate.
And orange is for words that don't currently work with the script, either because they aren't grabbed, or because they break something.

Home =
No =
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Announcements / New Media for Game of Thrones
« on: March 04, 2012, 06:54:26 pm »
Every now and then I get emails from HBO with new media- poster, trailers, etc. I'll put them up on the blog when I do. Just thought I should let you all know in case no one checks it.

Announcements / Question from David Peterson concerning Forum
« on: September 18, 2011, 04:01:04 am »
Dedalvs asked on Twitter if we'd be ok if he used quotes/images from the forum on this Dothraki blog. Would anyone NOT be ok with that?

I imagine that he wouldn't post anything incriminating, of course, and that'd he properly cite people if they needed to be cited. But he figured it would be good to ask here first.


Also, hello. I really need to visit here more often. :)

Announcements / Admin Switch
« on: May 23, 2011, 04:46:27 am »
I've been ridiculously busy these past few months, and it doesn't really show a sign of stopping, even though I graduated from Uni recently. Because of this, I've switched over the dictionary to Ingsve, who'll now be updating it. For all intents and purposes, Ingsve is pretty much the dude to go to and in charge of the Dothraki fanbase. Which makes sense, as he's worked damned hard on it. I'll still be around, helping out here and there, when I can, though. :)

HBO: Game of Thrones / Other Languages in HBO GoT
« on: April 18, 2011, 09:51:01 am »
We know from this twitter post that David Peterson assisted with the White Walkers' dialogue.

What are the other languages he helped on, again?

Dothraki Language Updates / The Dictionary Thread
« on: April 06, 2011, 02:18:41 am »
Well, here we go.

Post updates that ought to go into the dictionary here. This thread is also for comments, suggestions, damnations, praises, requests to translate, and all that jazz. I'll post in here when I make updates.

The current version is 3.11, dated January 23rd, 2016

The Dothraki Dictionary
The English to Dothraki Dictionary

(Note; Hrakkar took over the majority of the editing work on the dictionary from our beloved Lajaki, in September of 2011. Lajaki continues to provide technical advice and help when needed, and he is always welcome here!)

Dothraki Language Updates / HBO Dothraki Pronunciation
« on: February 12, 2011, 06:20:09 am »
So, we've now got a pronunciation guide for Game of Thrones. This is how HBO is going to be pronouncing the names. I believe that George RR Martin said somewhere that he doesn't really care how people pronounce them, although he always uses the same ones. What is interesting is that we do actually have some differences between a) GRRM's pronunciation b) David Peterson's phonology and c) how the natives would potential pronounce them.

There were a lot of names mentioned here. I'm going to run through the ones that I found interesting. I think that all of these should be taken with a major pinch of salt. The pronunciation team was going to for a mix between what people would read and what would make sense, assumedly. These aren't given in IPA, which is fairly obvious, meaning that it is fairly ambiguous. Personally, I don't really like how they've done these. This will be become blatanly obvious.

<> is orthographic. [] is phonological, written in IPA. Their transcriptions are given in bold.

Edit: In the two hours since writing this post, I realise I may have been a bit harsh. First off, the HBO team has a hard job going for them. They've got to take GRR Martin's work and apply it to real life, which it was never meant to be originally. They've also got to consider the readers and the viewership. This means divorcing some of the more hard-to-pronounce words, possibly like Qarth. My beef stems from the fact that it looks like what they did here is use the standard American English-pronunciation of these names only, and didn't make them internally consistent either orthographically or in the context of the languages we do know in the books. Furthermore, they failed at several points in this post to correctly display Dothraki words, which makes me feel very queasy about the Dothraki on the show.

It just seems to me like this post was the easy way out - they're just trying to make all of the fans out there, now, have a standardised pronunciation, so that the show-talk doesn't end up mired in 'Oh! It's CAT-lyn? Woops!', but instead is more like 'Man, she was a good actor (and I'm therefore implicitly glad that HBO hired her).' That's all fine - but I think they could have done a better job of keeping hardcore linguistic radicals like me in mind. Not that I'd be happy on everything, of course.

Aerys Targaryen - AIR-eez Tar-GAIR-ee-in Right. Well. We can guess that this should be something like [ɛɹ]. That's fairly unspectacular. What's interesting is the transcription of <y> as [i:]. That's expected, but nice to know how they're going to do it. Rules out the possibility of a swedish front rounded vowel or something like that, though. Also interesting: different sorts of <a>, and the lack of syllable initial glide. They've opted for [i:] again in [taɹgɛɹi:en]. Weird.
Daenerys Targaryen - Duh-NAIR-iss Tar-GAIR-ee-in Same thing. They've reduced the unstressed syllable to schwa, which I doubt is what GRRM wanted to do with the orthographic spelling here. In any sense, we can see that they're clearly applying English stress rules. Note the different interpretation of <y> here: it's given as [ɪ] this time. Huh. Why would they do that? I'm guessing this is another English take on it.
Illyrio - Il-LEAR-ee-oh Ok, so here we have a third pronunciation of <y>, and a re-interpretation of <i> as the same as the <y> in Targaryen. I wonder if they actually put thought into this, or if they just applied English pronunciation across the board? Is this the pronunciation we can expect in the show? I realise that most people will be pronouncing these words the way they read them in English, but that doesn't mean that they should be pronounced that way, in my opinion, in an internal world.
Irri - I-ree Lack of gemination, different takes on <i>. This is unsystematic and probably wrong according to Dothraki rules. [aɪɹi:]  just isn't how I saw this one being pronounced, at all. As this is out first Dothraki name, I'm very dissapointed
Khal Drogo - KHAL DRO-go Ok, our first major controversy. Are they going to pronounce this as [kʰ]  or as [ x]? And as [ɹ] or [ɾ]? This is very important.
Nymeria - Nigh-MEER-ee-uh Wait, so, [nɑjmi:ɹiə]? SERIOUSLY? Well, I was going to take this seriously, but I think may just stop now. Maybe I should go for a walk. To be fair - they don't have access to the Rhoynar phonology, as no one as made it, and they haven't looked at my wiki. Still. Dear god.
Qotho - QUO-tho So you're saying that George RR Martin uses weird orthography for no phonetic reason? This is clearly, from a linguistic view, [qoðo:]. Not [kʷ], nor [kw]. This also has the problem of not being clear whether the [th] is voiced or not. The pronunciation they give indicates unvoiced. Alright. 
Rhaegar Targaryen RAY-gar Tar-GAIR-ee-in Another issue where <rh> is ignored. I would expect some sort of post-rhotic aspiration: [rʰæ]  perhaps. The interpretation of <ae> as [aɪ] kind of annoys me, but not as much as the <yen> being taken as [i:ɪn].
Syrio Forel - SEER-ee-o For-EL Why the final stress on Forel? Interesting!
Varys - VAIR-iss Another weird second pronunciation for <y>.
Viserys Targaryen - Vi-SAIR-iss Tar-GAIR-ee-in They seem to like doing weird things to stressed <e>. This goes along with my theory that they basically took English phonotactic rules and applied them with broad, broad brush strokes.

Asshai - Uh-SHY Did NOT see that coming, meaning the stess on the second syllable.
Braavos - BRA-vos Doesn't appear to be any gemination of the first vowel.
Essos - ESS-os Well, might have gotten the geminated s right, here.
Eyrie - EAR-ee I was expecting [aɪɹi:]. American versus English pronunciation, I guess. I've also seen [ɛɹi:].
Harrenhal - HAIR-in-hall Another weird <e>.
Pentos - PEN-tos Expected.
Qarth - QUARTH ... I've talked about this above. I really don't like it.
Vaes Dothrak - VIE-iss Doth-RACK Stress on the final syllable when it is closed - this is good. Why didn't it happen with Vaes, I wonder? It should have.
So, I guess they're saying [vɑjɪs]. That's really weird. Like, really weird. Was expecting [vaɛs], or maybe [væs] as a loose interpretation.
Westeros - WES-te-ros Alright.

Andals - AN-dals Good.
arakh - Ah-rock Different a-vowels. They've now completely done DP's interpretation wrong. He has it as [a'ɾax]. Should we email them?
Dothraki - Doth-RACK-ee This isn't how DP or GRRM does it. [dɔθ'ɹæki] is how I see theirs. GRRM does [dɔ'θrakaɪ]. DP does it ['dɔθɾaki], I believe. Not to mention the dentals!
khalasar - KHAL-uh-ssar Wrong. No reduction to schwa. Trilled [r]. [ x] not [kʰ]. Aarrrgh!
Khaleesi - Khal-EE-see At this point I think it's not even worth me finishing this list.
Tyroshi - Ti-ROH-shee Why won't they take the <y> at face value? Ever?
Valyrian - Vuh-LEER-ee-un Annoyed.

Right. Sorry, that turned into a rant.

Update: @westerosorg pointed me to this on twitter. Phonetic spellings with IPA from GRRM. A lot of these make more sense, now!

Announcements / IRC Chats with David Peterson
« on: February 12, 2011, 02:34:43 am »
So, I just got this message:

Quote from: DP
I'm going to jump in Dothraki IRC on Sunday at 1 PST. If nothing else, we can talk about cellular telephones and the weather.

I think that sums it up pretty well.

Hope to see some of you guys there. Here are our IRC details, for those of you who don't know that we have a room.

That's 9:00pm GMT. (I believe - that's when I'll be going on.)

General Discussion / Chat Thread!
« on: February 06, 2011, 01:43:26 pm »
This is for random chatter, since we're a small community at the moment and we probably don't have any serious spammers as of yet.

How's it going? Why are you here?

Announcements / New Board
« on: February 06, 2011, 01:42:18 pm »
We has one.


Make yourself at home.

Introductions / Hello, ido rhaesh!
« on: February 06, 2011, 01:41:39 pm »
Hey everyone (meaning, insgve. currently).

I'm Richard. I'm a student at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland, doing a Masters (but really a BA, it's a long story) in Linguistics. I got into conlanging way back in the day with Tolkien, but only really got into it when I learned Na'vi last winter after seeing the film Avatar and hanging out at Hope to learn Dothraki, as it comes out.

My hobbies? Books, languages, poetry, drinking. Yep.


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