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Thank you!


Thank you, everyone who has marked spam posts as spam. That cleans up the board for everyone and also makes my job easier :)

I've just removed some russian spam messages and deleted some spam accounts.

There is a high frequency of spam posting... I've have added an additional question for the registration process and it requires two correct answers now.

Yea I had to nuke some, too.

Looks like its working already.
For spammers who get through, it is better to ban them or delete their account?

Athchomar san yeraan, zhey Tìtstewan ma Ocristi!

I just delete their account rather than banning them. The problem with banning is, one could ban an IP that could be used by non-spam users. E.g. a user could use NAT where one IP is used by multiple users.

EDIT: Apparently, the additional question in the registration process works.


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