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Everyone, listen here!

We need some volunteers to sign up to work on a Dothraki duolingo course. I'm going to PM everyone I think would be a good addition to the team, but if you think you are good enough at Dothraki to help out, please speak out and I would be more than happy to have your help. I know this community isn't very active, but please, we have the opportunity to reach an audience of millions of people! Think about how great it would be get a fresh wave of beginners into this stagnant forum. Consider the following benefits of helping:

-as said previously, it is a good way to reach a large audience
-a good way to easily strengthen your Dothraki skills on a highly developed app
-some spoken learning material to help you pronounce the language better
-a place where you get a personal sense of accomplishment with every lesson you complete, and you would know exactly how well you know Dothraki and how much you need to improve

please please please PLEASE PLEASE! Let's get something done for a change!

Side note:

I had a bit of a fever last night and I had taken some medicine that had made me a tad crazy. Though my enthusiasm in apparent, I apologize for the pharmaceutical-fueled babbling I displayed  ;D

However, if you are interested in helping out on the Duolingo Dothraki course I want to start up, please feel free to contact me!

I'm going to assume that this didn't get off the ground, which would be a shame. If there is anything a beginner could do to help I would love to. I don't have a large vocabulary yet, but I'd like to think my pronunciation is pretty top notch!

I would really love to see this happen, I was never really interested in the nuances of language until I found our about Dothraki so this would be an amazing thing to see come to fruition

You can still apply to the Dothraki course on Duolingo, the more applications the better. I have yet to hear from some of the major speakers of Dothraki so this thread didn't get much attention apart from Hrakkar

I'll have to go check out duo lingo to see if there's anything I can do. Not sure I can really translate anything right now, but hopefully that will change here in the future.


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