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Trying to learn a choir song from Games of Thrones


Hi everyone!

I'm doing some choir arrangement of a song from the series but this songs is in High Valyrian I think.
I'm not very familiar with the vocabulary and it could be very long to write them down only by phonetics héhé!

I was wondering if some of you could help me to write down accurately some words/ grammatical sentence for this songs?

The song is "The Winds of Winter" from season 6

I really appreciate your help! Thanks all !  ;D

Sorry, I don't think that there are any Valyrian speakers on this forum anymore.  I wish I could help more!

Sorry for not getting to you sooner, been really busy. I don't know much Valyrian myself, but from what I've gathered this isn't Valyrian, it's gibberish the composer did that's meant to sound like Valyrian. Maybe someone more familiar with the language can confirm.


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