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Hooray! Dialouge!

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Finally! Some fresh Dothraki from the show! Discuss about it in this thread...

Things that I noticed:

-new slang word for either pussy, or pussy hair
-one of the actors said the allative suffix like ān rather than the proper aán
-I understood the majority of what they said! I did my best not to look at the subtitles and I got the general idea. That's a first for me   ;D

Yeah, this Dothraki horde tended to lean more towards the (for lack of a better adjective) rapey side. If you thought Drogo was bad, he's nothing compared to the two men who openly wanted to rape, sodomize, torture, and then in an act of mercy, feed Danny to the dogs! Hopefully, it should add a bit more to the dictionary  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Update for tonight:

Nothing new for Dothraki :( but Melisandre did speak in a language without dialouge, so I think DJP has been working on the language of magic! It sounded a bit like Valyrian, but I don't know it well at all  ;D

@DannyJeffrey Was it either of the Valyrians?

Ooh I didn't think of that. I was thinking along the lines of The Old Tongue. He already has the Mag Nuk pidgin, so it may be a a possibility


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