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Beginners / looking for a tudor :) fast learner!
« on: April 19, 2013, 08:03:13 pm »
As a Dothraki noob, I have been reading on how to conjugate verbs and I kind of need some help on this. With verbs that end in "at" like erinat (to be kind) for example. To change it into "I am kind" I would take off the suffix "at" and replace it with "ak" making the new word "erinak"

Is this so far correct?

And if so then to use it in s sentence would I say "Anha erinak?"

Also if anybody could kind of "tudor" me in pms i would be grateful. My son needs his mama so its hard for me to search through the wiki for answers to my questions. I am a fast learner, so I can practice with you once i get into the swing of things. Thanks :)

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