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General Discussion / Khal Drogo
« on: June 10, 2011, 02:23:09 pm »
So for halloween this year I've decided to go as Kahl Drogo, the one from the series. Suggested by a friend after we saw him in the first episode of HBO's show, and solidified in the most recent episode (The Pointy End) I'm willing to go all-out for this costume, as with the previous halloween, in which i went as a hipster. From learning how to work leather and making jewlery with resin, to growing out my beard and hair, to working out and tanning, to learning a fair amount of Dothraki.

As some may guess based off my username, I am also into Na'vi (I'm the same skxawng from and one of my pet peeves about cosplayers of Na'vi is that none of the ones I've met knew how to react when I hailed them nìNa'vi. My thoughts are if you're going to spend hours making a costume, you should also spend hours learning the character you're to become, otherwise, you're just playing dress-up.

So I'm intending this topic to be a progress log of both the Costume Creation, as well as a sort of Journal for learning Dothraki.  Unfortunately I don't have nearly enough time to become conversational in Dothraki - I'm barely maintaining what I know about Na'vi at this point, but I do want to get to the point of understanding if someone said a basic phrase to me, I want to get pronunciation down, and have a modest repository of phrases/responses memorized that I can respond with. If anyone has suggestions for this don't hold back!! Remember though, I'll be in the persona of Kahl Drogo, so they should be appropriate to him.

Basic Phrases to Learn:


Insults / Dismissals
“Go find somewhere else to stick your cock”


Questions (mocking)

Questions (curious)
“You’re speaking truthfully?”

“How are you today?”

“Will I see you again”


“You’re wrong”

“I disagree”

"I am feeling good/well today"



Artistically speaking, I’m going to need to learn how to Work Leather, from selection to cutting to dying and construction.  I’m also going to need to learn how to make a mold with silicone, and cast in resin.  Having a good deal of ceramic knowledge, I’m confident in my sculptural and molding abilities, and I’m very much looking forward to learning all of these things.

Things to Create:

Leather Girdle: 7% complete
- Pattern for Leather created,
- fitted to my body.
- Cardboard template also created.
- Leather type/weight decided upon
To do:
- Figure out sq/feet of leather needed
- Purchase Leather
- Cut Leather into Pattern
- Punch stitch holes
- Dye
- treat leather to be soft and worked/used feeling.
- Stitch designs
- Put together!

Progress: 0% complete
To Do:
- Measurements
- Determine Pattern for Left/Right arm
- Figure out leather type/weight
- Figure out how much of each type is needed
- Cut Leather to template
- Weave, combine, fit, fix.

Wedding Belt of Horse Medallions
Progress: 5% complete
- Figure out Sizing for primary medallion
- Figure out Patterning for relief
- Purchase non-Sulphurous Clay
To Do:
- Carve relief of Medallion
- Carve relief for intermediary beads
- Make silicon mold
- Cast intermediary bead, test chrome spray. Determine if cold casting or chrome spray yields best results
- Test shoepolish patina
- Once surface has been determined, make Silicon mold for medallion
- Cast 8 times in resin

Short Buffalo Horn Knives:

Progress: 0% complete
To Do:
- Design blade
- Print Pattern
- Carve Blades from wood
- weight with lead fishing weights
- Carve hilt from wood
- Sculpt handles in clay
- Combine
- Coat blade in resin
- Sand to finish/smoothness
- Make Silicon Mold
- Cast in resin, twice
- Paint
- Clear Coat

Progress: 0% complete
To do:
- Figure out how much hide is needed, what the wedding version is made of/how its composed
- Purchase necessary supplies
- cut, figure out how to wear
- Cut strips, attach feathers


Progress: 0% complete
To Do:
- Figure out design
- Determine Wood to use
- Purchase Wood
- Cut to shape, glue together
- Shape blade
- Imbed blade with fishing weights.
- Carve hilt in clay
- Fit blade to Hilt
- Make Silicone Mold for Hilt (2-part)
- Cast Hilt in Dyed Resin,
- Set hilt into blade
- Coat blade with resin
- Sand blade smooth
- Paint Arakh
- Weather
- Finishing touches

Hair/Beard Beads / Extras.

Progress: 0% complete

To Do:
- Figure out list.

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