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Cyrillic Dothraki
« on: April 21, 2016, 08:21:55 am »
M'ath, vojosor Dothraki!

Recently, I've taken to using Dothraki in different writing systems in order to get a feel of foreigness to this language, without breaking the canon rules of dothraki and making a system specifically for the language, and I've taken a great liking to Cyrillic in my search for a written language. I'd just like to share with you all exactly what symbols I use to transliterate.

Аа - A
Чч - Ch
Дд - D
Ээ - E
Фф - F
Гг - G
Хх - H
Ии - I
ЖЪжъ - J
Кк - K
ХЪхъ - Kh
Лл - L
Мм - M
Нн - N
Оо - O
КЪкъ - Q
Рр - R
Сс - S
Шш - Sh
Тт - T
Цц - Th
Вв - V
ВЫвы - W
Йй - Y
Зз - Z
Жж - Zh

Some notes on symbol usage:

Э - closest thing in the cyrillic alphabet I could get to the dothraki E sound
ЖЪ - this is the Zh sound with the hardening symbol next to it, making it the Dothraki J.
ХЪ - this is the H sound with the hardening symbol, making it the Dothraki Kh. DJP didn't make a distinction between the Kh and H sound when he transliterated dothraki into cyrillic, but I found the Kh sound too important to muddle together with the H sound.
КЪ - once again I use the hardening symbol next to the K sound, making it the Q sound.
ВЫ - closest thing I could find in the russian-cyrillic alphabet that comes close the the W sound. This is the V sound with the softening symbol beside it, which adds a slight Y to the end of the sound. Thus making this symbol sound sort of like a "Vyh" sound, which is close enough for me.

Example sentences

M'athchomaroon, okeo anni. Hash yer dothrae chek?
М'ацчомароон, окэо анни. Хаш йэр доцраэ чэк?

Anha tih krazaajaan, m'anha tih maf.
Анха тих кразаажъаан, м'анха тих маф.

I hope to be able to transliterate an abugida soon if anyone is interested in helping with that.
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