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Beginners / Translation help - for a school paper
« on: June 09, 2013, 11:12:21 am »
Hey guys -

I'm writing a paper about case and agreement in Dothraki for a linguistics class in school, and I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm stuck puzzling over a particular piece of data that just doesn't make sense. Here's the sentence:

Hash   yer      vineseri                      dothrakh   ataki              kishi
do       2SG.NOM   remember.2SG.PRES   ride.ACC   first.SG.GEN  1PL.GEN
‘Do you remember our first ride?’

It's from episode ten of season one when Daenerys is speaking to Drogo. Essentially, I can't figure out the agreement mismatch between the noun 'dothrakh' (ride) and the adjective 'ataki' (first). Everything I've read about agreement between nouns and adjectives suggests that 'ataki' should be in the form 'ataka', since it's agreeing with a non-nominative noun (source for this conclusion:

So, I'm thinking there could be three possibilities. The first is that the adjective is agreeing with the possessor 'kishi' for some reason. The second is that the adjective is surfacing with default agreement for some reason. The third is that this is mis-glossed.

I have reason to suspect the third one not only because the others would be odd syntactically, but because of how other non-animate nouns agree with their adjectives. Non-animate nouns don't decline for singular or plural versions, right? But when they're in the plural, their adjectives still mark plural agreement, with an -i suffix. Is it possible that 'our first ride' should really be 'our first rides'?

I'd much appreciate any insights anyone has to this. Feel free to ask me to clarify things if anything doesn't make sense! Thanks in advance!

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