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Beginners / Attempt at coining a phrase
« on: March 15, 2015, 07:27:36 pm »
Ok. So like me. The dothraki  appear to be a race of men who take good care of their facial follicles. Khals seem to sport decent beards as did many leaders of similar races. It was a status thing.

To this end I have attempted to coin a phrase and was hoping someone could review it for me for grammatical accuracy and even offer their insight as to wether this may be something the people of the dothraki sea may say, culturally speaking.

"Ki shiranesi kimoa anni" when surprised.


"Anha asqoyi hatif  (maybe "ki" instead of "hatif") shiranesi kimoa anni" when solemnly attesting  to one thing or another.


Introductions / M'athchomaroon
« on: March 11, 2015, 03:32:08 am »
Anha Khal Esizigo ha khalasar zhavvoki.
San athchomari yeraan chosh kemiki anna.

Complete noob here. Started learning with the dothraki companion app and the wiki about a week ago. My greeting above is probably riddled with errors but I tried to make it unique I hope. it makes sense.

I think I'm doing pretty well. Should be purchasing the book next week sometime which is really exciting. Aaaaaand yeah... Hi :)

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