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Beginners / Creating a few easily remember phrases for an engagement
« on: April 20, 2016, 07:11:53 pm »
Good evening,

I need help creating a few phrases. I do not speak well and (admit it) and always had trouble with languages (failed French 1 in high school with a 52).

I am a burlesque performer with Burlesque is Coming, a tribute to the works of George R. R. Martin (endorsed by the man himself!). I will be at a local engagement to promote our tour this fall. I'll be dressed as Khal Drogo and I wanted a few phrases to say to bring more life the the event.

Rough phrases I am looking to put together is:

1) How dare you speak to me in that manor (some insult here)!

2) I am just an ordinary man in a costume.

3) Try a Honey chicken drumsticks, “Lamprey” meat pies, Bacon-wrapped Figs and Cheese & Onion tarts (this can be paired down to "Try a drumstick", "Try a meat pie", etc)

4) How's your bowl of brown, peasant?

or any other phrases you can think of that would fit the situation.
Here is a link for the event if you would like more details for suggestions on phrases.

It is a bizarre request, but it stems from failing to find a translation of the word costume (or any relevant synonym).

Thank you in advance for any help.

Dante the Inferno   

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