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Beginners / Can you guys check if we're doing it right?
« on: September 09, 2015, 09:38:24 pm »
After our fifth (sixth?) session we've hunkered down to practice verbs and noun cases. We came up with some sentences to practice, but am not sure if we did it right (the book has very few examples of noun cases used in actual sentences). Let us know if there are correct, or if they aren't how they *should* be used.

Anha chomak khales
I respect the khal

Mori tihish hrazef khaleesisi
I saw the queen's horse

Anha adothrak vaesoon asshilokh
I will ride to the city tomorrow

Kisha dothrash najahheyaan oskikh!
We rode to victory yesterday!

Vos fato rizhaan anhoon!
Do not insult my son!

Anha vindek laquikhes tihoon moon
I will drink the tears from his eyes

Zhor yeron mra quora ma anha vadakhak mae
I have your heart, and I will eat it
Me asto inavvaes chiorisaan moon
He spoke to the sister of his wife.

Having throuble with the inalienable possession concept. For example, "her sister" is inalienable because she will always be her sister, sek? But a man's wife can be taken from him? At least that's kind of what we reasoned about during our discussion.

Introductions / M'ath! Kisha Ezoki Lekhes Dothraki!
« on: August 08, 2015, 02:07:35 am »
So,  I run a language school in Makati City, Philippines,  and I'm planning to offer Dothraki as a special course.  :)  I and a few other future Dothraki teachers are learning it together first,  we're only on our first week,  but it's been fun so far!  Nice to meet you all,  I think we'll be hanging out here quite a bit in the near future.

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