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Beginners / To rest / horse
« on: June 19, 2011, 04:58:07 am »
Ok, I'm a little bit confused about "to rest".
On the dictonnary I found:

Athmithrar: ni. rest

Ammithrat: to rest - here there could be a mistake and instead of "ammithrat" is "athmithrat" (in the episode I quite sure to have hear an "ath" rather than an "amm-" but I could be totally wrong)? In this way "athmithrar" would be the noun and "athmithrat" the verb.
BTW I think this verb has the most literal meaning of "to rest"

Vimitherat: to rest - used by Qotho with Dany, should mean "to camp, to rest in a place for a certain time"

Anat: to rest - ?? I'm unable to understand the gradient of meaning.

Same doubt for "horse"

Sajo: na. steed (the "animal you ride", I think)
Hrezef: na - horse (the animal as such?)
Razik: ?? - ??

Thank you in advance u.u

Beginners / Vo or vos?
« on: June 08, 2011, 02:20:06 pm »
While I was reading the episodes scripts, I saw:

"Rakharo: Vo mawizzi vekho jinne -There are no rabbits. "
"Rakharo: Dothraki vo ondeo shori tawakof. - Dothraki don't wear steel dresses. "
"Rakharo: Hash yer ray tih loy alegra zhey vikeesi? Vo mawizzi, vo alegri."
"Drogo: Vo sorfo. Rhaeshi. - Not dirt. Lands"

and some more

But in the dictionnary I found only "vos" as "not".

Why in some sentences there is "vo" and in others "vos" ?
I was wondering it was for the future tense, but that's not true  :o

I didn't find anything in the wiki, but I don't know if I missed that or if there isn't nothing at all.   :-\

Introductions / Hi!
« on: June 08, 2011, 04:09:31 am »
Hi there!
I'm Christian, I'm Italian and though I've not read Martin's books yet, I'm in love with Dothraki's language :D
I'm very fascinated by conlang also if I've only studied the LOTR Sindarin some years ago and nothing more (and I don't actually remember almost anything! XD).

Sorry in advance for any grammar mistake I could do but I'm quite rusty in written English, 'cause I don't write/speak it so often. I listen to it much more because of tv series and movies. So I will try here to kill two pigeons with a stone..learn Dothraki and dust off a bit my English  ::)

I've to admit I've been studying Dothraki for some weeks, with all the thing on this site, before writing here and now I'm updating myself with the last things added :D
The last episode of GoF has been fantastic, with the great Dothraki (spoken) part! there somewhere the Dothraki speeches transcriptions?  :o
I got something listening to them, but I'm so far from understand all perfectly  XDDD

BTW, you've done a great work with this site! :D

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