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Beginners / Question about direct address and plurals?
« on: July 28, 2012, 10:10:28 pm »
I am, slowly, learning some of the very basic Dothraki phrases. However I stumbled across a problem whenever using them toward a group of my friends.

Specifically, what I am trying to say is "Ride well, my friends!". I know that "Dothras chek" means "ride well", zhey is used to indicate who is being addressed, "okeo" is friend, and "anni" is "my" or "of mine". So saying "Ride well, my friend!" (singular) would be "Dothras chek, zhey okeo anni!", correct?

If I'm right up to there, then my problem is in turning "okeo" plural so I may address a group of friends. How would I plural "okeo"?

Thank you dearly ahead of time! I apologize if the question has a ridiculously obvious answer, but after combing  the wiki for an hour I'm kind of at my wit's end trying to figure it out.

Introductions / M'athcomaroon and Greetings!
« on: July 28, 2012, 09:55:51 pm »
M'ach! I'm Sadie and I'm fairly new to The Song of Fire and Ice series, having only finished the first season of the HBO series and am only a fraction of the way into the first novel. However I've been quite taken with Daenerys and the whole Dothraki tribe, and the language captivated me. After finally getting fed up being unable to understand what they are saying, well, here I am. :)

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