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I just got back from a train trip to/from Denver, Colorado (train broke down in the middle of nowhere-- both engines failed! Stock without power for 11 hours, until we were towed into Elko, NV by a freight engine.) I used this time to read GoT cover-to-cover, so now I can more fully understand what is discussed here.

One question though-- The word for 'white lion' given in the dictionary is hrakka The word in the book (2 places) is hrakkar. What is the difference? (no clue on the grammar page) Is one word right over the other? Should my user name be Hrakkar instead of Hrakka?

Good question. It would seem that the spelling might have been confused with hranna so that the /r/ was dropped at some point. We would have to ask Lajaki about that: Was that just a mistake or did you get the word hrakka from somewhere else where the /r/ is dropped?

Hrakka is from Lajaki's dictionary. I just checked the wiki dictionary, and it is hrakka there as well.

If you look at the Original Corpus page on the wiki: http://wiki.dothraki.org/dothraki/Original_Corpus you'll see that he uses the word hrakkar so it might be a mistake that has been repeated from one place to another.

How would one go about getting this corrected? Also, it it easy to change ones' username?


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