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Dothraki words for the modern world
« on: June 02, 2016, 09:20:44 am »
Today, DJP made a video about loan words and word generation, and this got me thinking about what words are essential in the modern day and would be helpful to adopt into Dothraki. I don't like the rule about how you can't use tense or case on non-Dothraki words, so I'm going to "Dothrakify" as many modern words as I can think of. Please add your own to the list if you find them essential too.

Edit (12/20/17): I deleted many of the words that I lifted straight from English vocabulary and added many new words that I created recently. I also changed the way I organized the words from different categories to just alphabetical. I may also rework some of the words so that they better fit the sounds, derivation and syntax of Dothraki, but that is not confirmation that I will be any time soon. The modern words list will be updated semi-frequently as I work to make more words for the Dothraki dictionary.

Words for the Modern World:

Account n — Sansalir (derives from "san")
Airport - Okrechaf
Bank - Okre negwinmas
Barista - Kaffek
Basement - Torgakre
Breakfast - hadaena
Broadcast n — Kadevah (wide net)
Byte n — Lay (derived from 'bit')
Camera na — Renenohha (derived from "renrenoh")
Cellphone n — Memhezhah ovary
Cookie/ Cash (in terms of computers) n — Mozgohhekh
Data n — Mozgohheya
Download n — Mozgohhe (from 'load' [mosk-] and 'downwards' [-zoh]. the /sk/ cluster becomes voiced in the presence of the /z/, creating the [zg] allophone)
E- prfx — Q-
File na — Neseser
GB n — Akioray (billion byte)
Iceland prop n — Rhaesheserejesh (land of ice)
Interface n — Kashatif (amongst the face)
Internet na — Qosarreya (web. shortened from the euphemism "the human's web")
KB n — Dalenlay (thousand byte)
MB n — Layof (great byte)
Poland propernoun — Ramarhaesh (Land land)
Profile na — Khadoqem (cloth body. Meant to convey the meaning of presenting a personal, but not entirely authentic, version of yourself)
Register v int — Savezalat
Server n — Idrik
TB n — Senioray (trillion byte)
Telephone n — Memhezhah
Text n — Tekse
To become downloaded v — Mozgoholat
To broadcast v — Kadevat
To download something vtr — Ammozgohat
To download v — Mozgohat
To text (someone) vtr — Atteksat
To text v — Teksat
Type v — Namovat (derived from 'move')
Typing n — Namov
University n — Eziversharra (continuously traditional/ancient learning. Meant to sound similar to the actual word University)
Video n — Tihivithikh (the result of flowing sight)
Voice message ni — Assomemikh (sound word)
Bus - Rhaggatven
Bus stop - Ok'rhaggaven
Car - Rhaggat
Cashier - Masak
Cellar - Hadaekre
Clock - Kashikh
Comb - Vosh
Construction worker (anything related to construction) - Movek
Contraception - Yolnakho
Deoderant - achramenakh
Dinner - Saffa
Door - emmreya
Fireman - Lajvorsak
Glasses - Fenstih
Graveyard - Gach'addrinegwin
Headphones - Chahare
Hearing aid - Khewochar
Highway - Osven
Hospital - Okrekoal
Kitchen - Jolinokre
Library - Okretimvir
Living room - Thirokre
Lunch - Yoch
Mall - Jeserven
Marijuana (light drugs) - Ferreya
Museum - Okre'zoven
Musician/artist - Ammemak
Notebook - Notimvir
Nurse - Koalaki
Paper - Daeneya
Paperclip - Hethdae
Plane - Rhaggat chaf
Plug - Loge
Police officer - Kasek
Professor - Ezzokven
Prosthetic - Idokhado
Refrigerator - Saffish
Restaurant - Okradakh
Room - okri
Rubberband - Sofoldak
Ruler - Zhokwakh
Shelf - Rayi
Shorts - Qemmishi
Shower - evechaf
Stairs - Tasse
Staple - Chelsitoak
Stapler - Chelsitoakh
Stop sign - Assinakho
Stoplight - Shenakho
Table - Tavle
Teacher - Ezzok
Theater - Okr'amme
Toothbrush - Voshvorto
wardrobe - Gakhderov
Washer/Dryer - Affikh
Zoo - Gache rhoa
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Re: Dothraki words for the modern world
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2016, 07:07:18 am »
It's just my opinion but I'm thinking these word must be more linked with more old word.

Ex : to cook = jolinat, so kitchen would be more like "jolinokre".


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Re: Dothraki words for the modern world
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2016, 09:32:03 am »
Very good idea!
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Re: Dothraki words for the modern world
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2017, 10:22:18 am »
On my big update post, I talked about the need I have for new Dothraki words in order to properly translate words for the modern world without making massive, 8+ syllable words that sort of convey the meaning I'm trying to get at. In this post, I'm going to give a list of roots that I find to be very useful (if not necessary) for making a plethora of new words in Dothraki.  In other words, we make root words in Dothraki that cover the same meaning of the root words I'm listing (not lifting them straight from PIE, Greek or Latin).  Really useful roots will be in red, useful roots will be green, somewhat useful roots are in blue, and roots that we just don't have are in black (regardless of if we need them in Dothraki)

Roots from PIE

aim-          copy
aug-          increase
bak-          support beam
bhreu-          boil
bhru-          eyebrow
dem-          building
dem(e)-          constrain, force
der-          peel, flay
dhes-          religion, spirit
dhreg-          glide, skim
dhwer-          arch, pass
dlegh-          engage, commit
eu(e)-          abandon 
gheu-          explode, eject, overflow
gheu(e)-          call, invoke
gwhi-          thread, tendon
keg-          hook, claw
krei-          separate, sieve, discriminate
kreu(e)-          raw
kwet-          shake
legwh-          light-weight
mei-no-          intent, opinion, goal
merg-          border, outline
nobh-          navel, hub, knot
pel-          fold
perd-          fart, expel
pes-          penis
(s)pen-          stretch
sweid-          sweat
teuta-          tribe
wrad-          branch, offshoot

How we've gone without some of those words is beyond me

Greek Roots

centr-          center, middle
crypto-          hidden, secret
dyn-          power, energy
erg-          work
ethno-          race, people
phil-          affection of friend
psych-          mind
zyg-          pair

As you can see, these were a lot more specific and not as useful (in terms of being able to create many words from the root)

Latin roots

art-          skill, profession
merge-          dive
comput-          count, sum up

The Latin list was a alot smaller because either the other two lists had them, or Dothraki already had the root.  However, the roots that did come out of Latin were almost always useful

If we only make these roots and put them in their noun, adjective, verb and adverb forms, we would add 120 new and very useful words to Dothraki.  Since these are root words and carry more semantic meaning, we could potentially add another thousand or so new words to the dictionary.  Since most root words are one to two syllables long, they can be compounded to create thousands more words to the language.  Making these roots would be incredibly beneficial to this conlang, and I propose that we (specifically me) add these to the lexicon of Dothraki.
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