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To rest / horse


Ok, I'm a little bit confused about "to rest".
On the dictonnary I found:

Athmithrar: ni. rest

Ammithrat: to rest - here there could be a mistake and instead of "ammithrat" is "athmithrat" (in the episode I quite sure to have hear an "ath" rather than an "amm-" but I could be totally wrong)? In this way "athmithrar" would be the noun and "athmithrat" the verb.
BTW I think this verb has the most literal meaning of "to rest"

Vimitherat: to rest - used by Qotho with Dany, should mean "to camp, to rest in a place for a certain time"

Anat: to rest - ?? I'm unable to understand the gradient of meaning.

Same doubt for "horse"

Sajo: na. steed (the "animal you ride", I think)
Hrezef: na - horse (the animal as such?)
Razik: ?? - ??

Thank you in advance u.u

I haven't listened closely to episode 9 yet but I'm pretty sure they're not suppose to say athmithrat, if they do then it's probably a mistake.

The basic root for "rest" is mithr-.

Ammithrat is the common transitive version of the verb. Compare this to other verbs like nithat/annithat (to be in pain/to cause pain) or drivat/addrivat (to be dead/to kill). So ammithrat would be something like "to rest something" or "to cause something to rest".

Athmithrar uses the common morphology for creating a noun out of a verb. Tihat (to see) -> athtihar (vision). Drivat (to be dead) -> athdrivat (death).

Anat means "to jog" so I don't know why you are confusing this with to rest.

Regarding horse:

We don't now if there is a word like razik yet, that is still a guess (just missed the parenthesis in my transciption). It might be that he's saying hrazef and something else.

Hrazef is the name of the animal. Sajo is the name use for a horse that one rides upon just like the word steed or mount in english. We also have vezh which means stallion (male horse) and lame which means mare (female horse).

I snooped around after this post and I found the discussion about the transitive/intransitive verb. I've had this doubt before, but I have been unable to find where it was written, so I've asked anyway.
There are a lot of things around and I get lost easy XD

Btw thank you for the answer.

For "athmithrat/ammithrat" probably you're right, but I'm quite sure they don't say "Amm-" because I've seen some tongue between the teeth. But it could be simply a mispronunciation, like many other things :/ Or maybe I've heard something wrong myself.

For "anat", there must be a mistake in the dictionnary. I open every time that linked in the wiki, version 2.06 and under Ammithrar there is "anat", with "to rest" in the same way  :o

For razik ok. I thought that was a "more sure" term.
But I think in the show it's used also another word that is not "hrezef".

Ah ya...that was a mistake in the dicitonary.


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