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Introductions / Hello! :)
« on: July 18, 2011, 01:24:14 pm »
Hello people! Just a quick introduction. :P

I'm 21 years old student of Portuguese and linguistics born in Brasi,l but living in Croatia most of my life. I've been a student for three years now and I'm currently specializing in historical and theoretical linguistics. At the moment I'm actively studying Arabic, but I had courses in French,  Lithuanian, Sanskrit, Latin, Old Irish and Hittite (the last two are probably my biggest language crushes <3 ). I've also dabbled with Russian, Middle Welsh, Classical Armenian and a few other obscure languages.

Tolkien is mostly responsible for my language geekiness, but I forgot a lot of Quenya and Sindarin, unfortunately. :( Since then I had little interest for conlangs. Until I heard Dothraki. I must admit I was quite skeptical when I read one of Peterson's first interviews on the language :P but then I heard it in the show and knew I just had to see what it was made from. And so here I am, looking forward to learn something new and discuss it with other enthusiasts! <3

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