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Announcements / italki lessons
« on: August 15, 2016, 12:55:14 pm »
Exciting news, my fellow riders. I might be given the opportunity to teach Dothraki lessons on italki. Someone from their HQ contacted me the other day, telling me they saw my translation work on Evildea's video on Dothraki (pardon the poor translation, it was on off day for me :( ), and would like me to become a teacher for them. I'm currently going through the application process, and I'll let you all know what happens!

General Discussion / My personal Dothraki script
« on: August 03, 2016, 12:12:02 pm »
Ok, for this post I'm going to delve into a personal script that I use to write in Dothraki. It's a latin based script, but with many different and borrowed symbols for convenience. It's heavily inspired by the script Qvaak made, but with what I consider improvements to the overall design.

Aa [a]
Cc [k] - Personally, I hate the letter k (so did Tolkien, the Roman scribe Quintillian, and the Nords). I think it's a gross, blocky letter that can easily be replaced by the superior letter C ;)
Dd [d]
Ee [e]
Ff [f]
Gg [g]
Hh [h]
Xx [ x ]
Ii [ i ]
Jj [dƷ] - I left J to act as the affricate because Qvaak's affricate (the ezh with the dot diacritic) can be confused for the regular ezh
Ll [l]
Mm [m]
Nn [n]
Oo [ o ]
Qq [q]
Rr [r]
Ss [ s ]
Tt [t]
Tʃ tʃ [tʃ]
Þþ [θ] - I think the thorn fits better and looks more unique than the eth
Σʃ [ʃ]
Vv [v]
Ww [w]
Yy [j] - I also don't like the letter Y, but since I don't have any other options to make that sound I guess I'm stuck with it
Zz [z]
Ʒʒ [ʒ]

Here are a few example sentences in my script:

M'athchomaroon! Hash yer dothrae chek, okeosi anni?
M'aþtʃomaroon! Haʃ yer doþrae tʃec, oceosi anni?

Anha tih krazaajaan, m'anha tih maf.
Anha tih crazaajaan, m'anha tih maf

I'm currently writing out the Dothraki dictionary in a notebook so I can memorize as many words as possible and hopefully gain total fluency withing the next few years or so, and I've decided to write in in my own script in order to better memorize it. I hope at least a few of you like it and maybe start using it  :)

General Discussion / Futhark Dothraki
« on: August 02, 2016, 11:31:18 am »
Hello once again! Back from a wonderful vacation in Florida and ready to post some more transliterations from other alphabets. Today, I'm going to do the old nordic alphabet known as futhark

ᚫ - A
ᚳ - Ch
ᛞ - D
ᛖ - E
ᚠ - F
ᚷ - G
ᚺ - H
ᛁ - I
ᛃ - J
ᚲ - K
ᛚ - L
ᛗ - M
ᛀ - N
ᛟ - O
ᛩ - Q
ᚱ - R
ᛋ - S
Σ - Sh
ᛏ - T
ᚦ - Th
ᚡ - V
ᚹ - W
ᚻ - Kh
ᚤ - Y
ᛉ - Z
ᛎ - Zh

Wow, Futhark translates very well into Dothraki. There are some exceptions that I consider close enough to the actual sounds needed for Dothraki such as the Kh sound, the Ch sound, the J sound, and the Zh sound. As well as taking a capital sigma for the Sh sound. Otherwise I think the look is perfect for Dothraki!

Here are a few example sentences in Futhark:

M'athchomaroon, hash yer dothrae chek, okeosi anni?
ᛗ'ᚫᚦᚳᛟᛗᚫᚱᛟᛟᛀ, ᚺᚫΣ ᚤᛖᚱ ᛞᛟᚦᚱᚫᛖ ᚳᛖᚲ, ᛟᚲᛖᛟᛋᛁ ᚫᛀᛀᛁ?

Anha tih krazaajaan, m'anha tih maf.
ᚫᛀᚺᚫ ᛏᛁᚺ ᚲᚱᚫᛉᚫᚫᛃᚫᚫᛀ, ᛗ'ᚫᛀᚺᚫ ᛏᛁᚺ ᛗᚫᚠ

General Discussion / Conlangs
« on: August 02, 2016, 08:36:21 am »
Does anyone else know any other conlangs outside the realm of GoT? I've learned Esperanto and Toki Pona, and plan to learn Klingon as soon as the Duolingo course comes out.

Dothraki Language Updates / Dothraki words for the modern world
« on: June 02, 2016, 09:20:44 am »
Today, DJP made a video about loan words and word generation, and this got me thinking about what words are essential in the modern day and would be helpful to adopt into Dothraki. I don't like the rule about how you can't use tense or case on non-Dothraki words, so I'm going to "Dothrakify" as many modern words as I can think of. Please add your own to the list if you find them essential too.

Edit (12/20/17): I deleted many of the words that I lifted straight from English vocabulary and added many new words that I created recently. I also changed the way I organized the words from different categories to just alphabetical. I may also rework some of the words so that they better fit the sounds, derivation and syntax of Dothraki, but that is not confirmation that I will be any time soon. The modern words list will be updated semi-frequently as I work to make more words for the Dothraki dictionary.

Words for the Modern World:

Account n — Sansalir (derives from "san")
Airport - Okrechaf
Bank - Okre negwinmas
Barista - Kaffek
Basement - Torgakre
Breakfast - hadaena
Broadcast n — Kadevah (wide net)
Byte n — Lay (derived from 'bit')
Camera na — Renenohha (derived from "renrenoh")
Cellphone n — Memhezhah ovary
Cookie/ Cash (in terms of computers) n — Mozgohhekh
Data n — Mozgohheya
Download n — Mozgohhe (from 'load' [mosk-] and 'downwards' [-zoh]. the /sk/ cluster becomes voiced in the presence of the /z/, creating the [zg] allophone)
E- prfx — Q-
File na — Neseser
GB n — Akioray (billion byte)
Iceland prop n — Rhaesheserejesh (land of ice)
Interface n — Kashatif (amongst the face)
Internet na — Qosarreya (web. shortened from the euphemism "the human's web")
KB n — Dalenlay (thousand byte)
MB n — Layof (great byte)
Poland propernoun — Ramarhaesh (Land land)
Profile na — Khadoqem (cloth body. Meant to convey the meaning of presenting a personal, but not entirely authentic, version of yourself)
Register v int — Savezalat
Server n — Idrik
TB n — Senioray (trillion byte)
Telephone n — Memhezhah
Text n — Tekse
To become downloaded v — Mozgoholat
To broadcast v — Kadevat
To download something vtr — Ammozgohat
To download v — Mozgohat
To text (someone) vtr — Atteksat
To text v — Teksat
Type v — Namovat (derived from 'move')
Typing n — Namov
University n — Eziversharra (continuously traditional/ancient learning. Meant to sound similar to the actual word University)
Video n — Tihivithikh (the result of flowing sight)
Voice message ni — Assomemikh (sound word)
Bus - Rhaggatven
Bus stop - Ok'rhaggaven
Car - Rhaggat
Cashier - Masak
Cellar - Hadaekre
Clock - Kashikh
Comb - Vosh
Construction worker (anything related to construction) - Movek
Contraception - Yolnakho
Deoderant - achramenakh
Dinner - Saffa
Door - emmreya
Fireman - Lajvorsak
Glasses - Fenstih
Graveyard - Gach'addrinegwin
Headphones - Chahare
Hearing aid - Khewochar
Highway - Osven
Hospital - Okrekoal
Kitchen - Jolinokre
Library - Okretimvir
Living room - Thirokre
Lunch - Yoch
Mall - Jeserven
Marijuana (light drugs) - Ferreya
Museum - Okre'zoven
Musician/artist - Ammemak
Notebook - Notimvir
Nurse - Koalaki
Paper - Daeneya
Paperclip - Hethdae
Plane - Rhaggat chaf
Plug - Loge
Police officer - Kasek
Professor - Ezzokven
Prosthetic - Idokhado
Refrigerator - Saffish
Restaurant - Okradakh
Room - okri
Rubberband - Sofoldak
Ruler - Zhokwakh
Shelf - Rayi
Shorts - Qemmishi
Shower - evechaf
Stairs - Tasse
Staple - Chelsitoak
Stapler - Chelsitoakh
Stop sign - Assinakho
Stoplight - Shenakho
Table - Tavle
Teacher - Ezzok
Theater - Okr'amme
Toothbrush - Voshvorto
wardrobe - Gakhderov
Washer/Dryer - Affikh
Zoo - Gache rhoa

Dothraki Language Updates / New Video about Dothraki
« on: May 28, 2016, 08:31:23 am »
Hey, a new video about Dothraki has just been posted and I have had the honors of recording the dialogue for it! Go check it out!

Day one: Phonology

I love it. The sounds are majestic and I guess frillier than that of Dothraki. I also like how the diphthongs can either be rising and falling and how the penult can be changed based on whether the vowel is heavy or light, or whether the diphthong is rising or falling. I love practicing the vowels, and making sure I know the difference between the , [y] and [u ] sounds. The consonants are fun, but are rather familiar to me already. I also enjoy practicing the separation of [r] and [r̥] (r and rh in the orthography if the IPA is hard to see). I think I'll enjoy the language the more I get into the structure of it all.

General Discussion / Jahakmen
« on: May 14, 2016, 05:08:07 pm »
Over the summer I plan on undertaking the large project of writing the first opera composed and written completely in Dothraki. So far I have the very loose outline of the plot and I would like some feedback on it:

Part one
  • It takes place deep within the Havazh Dothraki, in one of the most powerful Khalasars of the land
  • A Dothraki man (name not yet decided) has been disgraced by his peers because he was defeated in battle and had his braid cut off
  • He is taunted by his peers, especially so by his long time rival (a favorite ko of the khal), for his loss and has lost all of his old friends due to the immensity of his defeat
  • At the same time, the khalakki of the khalasar is having a dispute with her father because he wishes to marry her to one of his kos
  • One night, beside a river bank that the horde set up camp beside, both the man and the princess meet each other for the first time.
  • They get to talking after the princess convinces him to not commit suicide and they soon fall in love (shierakkem zhilaki)
  • The man wants to run off with the princess, but the princess does not want to leave her father. And marrying a man who has no braid would be a disgrace to her name and horde
  • the man spend the opera trying to convince her to leave with him, but time after time she refuses out of duty to her father
  • Eventually, the khal finds out about this man's attempts to court his daughter, and he becomes furious/mocking of the man
  • Out of spite, the khal gives his daughter to his ko and rival to the man
  • After a long and yearning soliloquy, the man sets out to kill his rival in order to gain back his honor and rights to marry the princess
  • tragically, after fighting a long battle with the rival, the man is killed
  • It ends with the princess morning the mistakes she made by following the will of others

Part Two
  • Fifteen years have passed, and the old Khal has long since been dead. The khalakki became khaleesi, and the Ko became Khal. The khaleesi had birthed a child, and while her husband has been away on hunting trips and raids, she has secretly told her child that he is the son of the man (though the child is not), and that he needs to avenge his true father's death.
  • The son has grown up learning that his father is a scoundrel, but has tried to keep himself from killing his father. The Khal deeply loves his son and is proud of his accomplishment. And this love has spilled over to his wife as well, making him deeply devoted to his family while they do not truly feel the same of him.
  • The boy becomes a great warrior, and is revered by the khalasar for his skill
  • One day, the Khal and the khalakka go on a raid, and for some not yet fleshed out reason, a group of riders are defeated by the enemy but are not killed. The khal cuts off all of their braids as punishment, and in a fit of emotion the son strikes against his father
  • The father and son fight each other, and soon after the battle the son frees the fallen warriors and they band of men ride to the outskirts of the Havazh Dothraki
  • The Khal becomes distraught and depressed by the sight of his son's hatred toward him, and mourns the betrayal of his love
  • The Son and his followers stop in the mountains along a creek, and the son cuts off his braid. All the men together shave their heads completely, and name themselves Norethmen Dothraki
  • They swear alliegance to the Son, and promise to kill the Khal at any cost

I plan to go on about how the son starts his own khalasar of bald men and lead an attack on his father. They end up losing and the Khal is forced to execute his beloved son. The queen commits suicide in the same river where she met the man, and the Khal is left to live with the crushing loss of his son and wife, even though he believed he did nothing wrong.

This is all I have for now and my computer battery is almost dead. Please give thoughts and constructive criticism of the outline so far. Thanks!

It's supposed to be a tragedy, so no bellyaching about it being too sad  ;)

General Discussion / Burn the Witch- Dothraki translation
« on: May 03, 2016, 12:07:54 pm »
Vicovareras ʃe zaniʃʃi
Rais fiezdrivaan
Jini aþcadar
Jini aþmanimvenar oveþa zoh
Hoyas hoyal ʃe Jutebox

Avvirsa maege
Avvirsa maege
Ciʃa nesaci finne yer þiri

Ʒani virzeþi ʃe emrax idosi
Haʃ yer aye haʃ yer virsae
Aþvasterar ovray
Annevas ei dirge
Vos cemos ma tihoon mori
Vos lajos
Ovveþas assoxaces
Jini aþmanimvenar oveþa zoh
Hoyas hoyal sattʃey ʒinda

Avvirsa maege
Avvirsa maege
Cisha nesaci finne yer þiri
Cisha nesaci finne yer þiri

General Discussion / Radiohead album
« on: May 02, 2016, 08:49:44 am »
In honour of recent events leading up to the new Radiohead album, I have decided to translate my one of my many favorite songs 'Optimistic' into Dothraki.

Afis ovethi nharesi anni,
Jadro qemmoe khadokh,
Qorasoe ei havonikh,
Eshina zhokwa adakhi eshina niqe,
Eshina zhokwa adakhi eshina niqe,
Vos athlajari anni, azhas anhaan zolle

Yer kis ti chek,
Yer kis ti chek,
Vekhikh adavrazar yer laz ti lekhaan,
Yer kis ti chek,
Yer kis ti chek,
Vekhikh adavrazar yer laz ti lekhaan

Jinak dirgak athzalar,
Jin voj et jeser,
Jin voj ray jad mra khizroon,
Jin voj arana athdavrazar,
Graddakh ha rhoaan,
Thiri she ramasares oqet

Yer kis ti chek,
Yer kis ti chek,
Vekhikh adavrazar yer laz ti lekhaan,
Yer kis ti chek,
Yer kis ti chek,
Vekhikh adavrazar yer laz ti lekhaan

Anha jif rhelak yera, mahrazh
Anha jif rhelak yera, mahrazh
Vojido samva rokheya
Qayea she rhaggat eveth

Yer kis ti chek,
Yer kis ti chek,
Vekhikh adavrazar yer laz ti lekhaan,
Yer kis ti chek,
Yer kis ti chek,
Vekhikh adavrazar yer laz ti lekhaan,
Zhavmel veri rhaesheseres,
Zhavmel veri rhaesheseres,
Zhavmel veri rhaesheseres

Announcements / Duolingo course
« on: April 25, 2016, 10:06:09 pm »
Everyone, listen here!

We need some volunteers to sign up to work on a Dothraki duolingo course. I'm going to PM everyone I think would be a good addition to the team, but if you think you are good enough at Dothraki to help out, please speak out and I would be more than happy to have your help. I know this community isn't very active, but please, we have the opportunity to reach an audience of millions of people! Think about how great it would be get a fresh wave of beginners into this stagnant forum. Consider the following benefits of helping:

-as said previously, it is a good way to reach a large audience
-a good way to easily strengthen your Dothraki skills on a highly developed app
-some spoken learning material to help you pronounce the language better
-a place where you get a personal sense of accomplishment with every lesson you complete, and you would know exactly how well you know Dothraki and how much you need to improve

please please please PLEASE PLEASE! Let's get something done for a change!

HBO: Game of Thrones / Hooray! Dialouge!
« on: April 24, 2016, 08:15:15 pm »
Finally! Some fresh Dothraki from the show! Discuss about it in this thread...

Dothraki Language Updates / New dialouge for season six!
« on: April 22, 2016, 11:06:12 pm »
I'm so psyched for the new dothraki scenes in season six. Maybe. . . DJP might want to. . .tell us what they will say?  ;)

HBO: Game of Thrones / Who has plans for Sunday?
« on: April 22, 2016, 11:02:34 pm »
I'm going to be watching the premier of season 6 with my girlfriend on the 24th. What are ya'll doing? Party? Small get together? Bank robbery?

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