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There's something I could use some help with, so I'm posting about it on every relevant forum and such that I'm at. I hope you don't mind ^^'
I'm currently writing a paper on constructed languages as a university assignement, and I'm conducting a short (9 questions) and rather basic survey among people who know a constructed language or have at least tried to learn one at some point. It's all collected anonymously. If anybody here could take part in the survey or pass it on to other people, it would help me a lot and be greatly appreciated :)

The survey is here:

Introductions / Greetings~
« on: May 20, 2014, 05:40:42 am »
Hello. I'm Gato and I suck at introductions. I like "A Song of Ice and Fire" and constructed languages, and languages in general, really, and I stumbled upon this place while working on a university assignement. Glad to be here, nice to meet you :)

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