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Zhongwen Dothraki
« on: April 22, 2016, 07:02:20 pm »
For this writing system, all you do is word for word transliterate dothraki into chinese characters. In order to translate affixes, you transliterate words corresponding to the suffix and attatch it to the root word. Like so:

Tense affixes

plural past tense, negative past tense /-(i)sh or -(o)sh/

first person singular present, negative present /-(a)k or -(o)k/

first person plural present, negative present /-(a)ki or -(o)ki/

second&third person singular&plural present tense, negative present tense /-e, -i, -a or -o/

future tense prefix, negative future tense prefix /v-, a- or o-/


Nominative - none
Accusative - 宾//宾复
Genitive -
Allative - 往//往复
Ablative - 从//从复
plural -
that conjunction -
pronominal preposition -

Derivational morphologies
Durative -
Negative - 相反
Pejorative -
'Covered in' -
Nominalization - 名词
Agentive -
Diminutive -
Augmentative -
Collective -
Resultive -
Meronymic - 关系
Similative -
Caritive - 不在


M'athchomaroon. Hash yer dothrae chek, okeosi anni?
同 名词尊敬从. 是  您 骑其做  好,  友有  我有?

Anha tih krazaajaan, m'anha tih maf.
我  看  山往,  和  我  看  羔.

disclaimer: I do not know Zhongwen, all I did was google translate meanings of words so I have know Idea if I got any of the symbols right. If you know Chinese, feel free to PM me and I will be more than happy to fix the mistakes.
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