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Title: My questions about some details
Post by: Boris on February 03, 2019, 11:51:12 am
Hi, i'm japanese language teacher from UA, i fell in love with dothraki and it hurts that some parts of language are unfinished (month, weekdays, etc.)

I have a couple questions, first - where we can actually use the infinitive form of the verb in cnversation?

Second - am i translating this sentences with nominalisation right?

"tomorrow i'll earn to swim" - silokh anesak athzerqozar

"i like dancing" - anha zhilak athezhirar

"You know nothing (John Snow!)" - "Yer vo nesi vosi"

"Everyday (i) fighting drgons" ei asshekh lajak javorsaes

"They were fighting with honour" mori lajish ki chomokhi