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Are there any avaliable dictionaries for learning Valyrian?


So I'm interested in learning Valyrian, but I can't find any reliable dictionary (like existing one from dothraki). Are there any availaible ones on the Internet or I'm just too blind/stupid to see that? :P

And my second question: is the inventor of these languages planning to improve Valyrian in the same level as he did with dothraki?

Thanks for answering! ;)

    We are currently working on dictionaries for the Valyrian languages. I don't think you are going to see them right away, but probably in the next few weeks. Those of us working on the Valyrian language learning tools are looking at some different ways of doing things. Some people like the traditional dictionary, while others prefer something that is online. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

The language's creator, David Peterson, has become a very busy man, as his success with Dothraki has brought him much more 'business'. David I feel, is quite committed to Valyrian, but he is releasing information a bit differently than he did for DOthraki. Much more of it is concentrated here, and (especially) in his blog at www.dothraki.com You can always join our IRC chat at 7 PM Pacific time, every Monday evening. You can use the IRC client on the main Dothraki page, or your own at irc.dothraki.org, #dothraki

The Valyrian wiki is under intense development at the moment, and will be opened to users as soon as the basic information has been 'installed'.

Well, I'm glad to announce that now there is actually one. The Vocabulary list at the Dothraki wiki/Valyrian wiki, this is the link:

Up to now we have only the High Valyrian vocabulary list, and it will be updated regularly hopefully. So this would be the first kind of lexicon we have on High Valyrian. :) Enjoy!


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