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Valyrian forums are now online!


It would appear that LearnNavi founder and overall administrator 'Seabass' has taken it upon himself to get the Valyrian forums going here. Kirimvose, zhey Seabass (thank you! (in mixed Dothraki/Valyrian)).

I can also report that the frame of the Valyrian wiki has been built, and turned over to some 'Valyrian power users' to begin populating it. Expect to see a link to it soon! Let me know if you are interested in contributing at this early stage and I will give you a link.

Awesome.:) High Valyrian is the reason I signed up here in the first place. I also noticed that Valyrian.org takes you to this website now, so that is cool. Still, I think it's weird that the website is called dothraki.org now that it is for both Dothraki and the multiple Valyrian languages.

That was the compromise reached after long discussions. And Valyrian.org didn't work as recently as two days ago, although I knew Seabass had taken out the domain name. (Kirimvose, zhey Seabass!) I will change the header to reflect both languages, the first chance I get.


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