Author Topic: Rytsas! Caelan iksan!  (Read 10979 times)

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Rytsas! Caelan iksan!
« on: July 06, 2018, 12:15:32 am »
Rytsas, syyz issa rhaenagon avy. Ñuha brōzi Caelan issa.

I’m new here and to High Valyrian, which is the dialect I chose to learn. I also personally chose to use the Ancient pronunciations. So if I ever post an audio and pronounce a word like “avy” as “ah-w-ee” it’s because of that.

To learn I am using a combination of the High Valyrian course on Duolingo and using the High Valyrian vocabulary. My hope is that I can use this forum as well. But the Valyrian section doesn’t seem quite as active as the Dothraki section. Which is understand able since Dothraki is further along than Valyrian. Maybe after David J. P. finishes the last 2/5 of the Duolingo course and adds the audio to it the Valyrian section will become more active. Until then I will keep learning with what I have access to and potentially make some posts on here. If anyone else learning High Valyrian or a similar Valyrian dialect would like to practice with me then please feel free to drop a PM or an email. I would love to have a study buddy and potentially learn the intricate differences between the Valyrian dialects (in case you haven’t noticed I love languages, muy mucho).

Well, geros ilas! Syyz bantis!

(P.S. I don’t have the line accent mark for the letter “y”. I substitute it by putting two “y”’s instead.)
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