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Creating Poems
« on: March 08, 2015, 05:13:12 am »
Ritsas everyone!  :)
I've been learning high valyrian about three or four months now, but still I am a beginner
because I did not do it consiquently.
Nevertheless, I somehow tried to write a poem and would like everyone of you to look at it
and search for mistakes or help me out with better expressions.
So here we go:

lōgor ūndegon kostan.
hae jelmio adere māzis.
Sparos konīr issa?
vāedri rȳban.

vēzos mele mazilība.
hae embri gō qrimbughes lua nūmio.
pōnta raqiroti īlvoti kessi daor, gīmin.
biarves se gevives va moriot māzisi.
Vīlībās, nēdys! Vīlībās!
qēlossa hen ēbrio jehikaksi ūndegon kostan...

c) meleqelos