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Manosanta has Arrived


Hi I just arrived. I am very new in this language and eager to learn it. I am from Argentina living in the gorgeous Costa Rica.

I just bought Living Language Dothraki. ;)

See ya!

Athchomar chomakaan,, zhey Manosanta!

Welcome to the Dothraki/Valyrian forums!

While there is not a lot of activity on the forums, there is a wealth of useful information here, especially on the wiki pages. The wiki contains a lot of words not in the book, and is endorsed by David Peterson. The dictionary is just slightly out of date, despite being in 'test mode' (Trying to find a free Saturday to work on it it has eluded me for months!).

Feel free to ask questions here. They usually get answered, although the more complex ones may take a few days.

Thanks and enjoy!



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